Keep the Fires Burning!

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Organisations must endeavour to keep the fire burning at the workplace if employees are to perform at the highest level and continue to fuel success. A constant blaze helps to give employees more focused energy directed towards living and achieving the vision. To attain the desired level of (read on...)

3 Common Mistakes That Business Leaders Make

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Have you ever called a business or went by a business and had talked with someone who you automatically knew was new to the organization? We tend to try to be patient as a consumer when dealing with new employees in a business. Everyone has to start somewhere in a business, and everyone has a (read on...)

Forming a Simple Needs Assessment

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A needs assessment is exactly what it sounds like it would be-a process by which you decide what training your employees need. Carrying out a needs assessment prior to making your plans for training can be very beneficial. It can help you to: Decide what skills and standards need to be covered (read on...)

Cloud Walking – 5 Ways to Make the Cloud Work For You

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I’m guessing that the last thing in the world that you really need to be reading about right now is more “cloud” talk. The world of IT is experiencing a form of “cloud fever” in which every company seems to be talking about how they are going to use cloud computing (read on...)

Great Leaders Know the Value of Candid Feedback

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What do people really think of you? Do you even care? Do you care too much? Many of the managers and executives I coach and train start off by being surprised and maybe even slightly insulted to think that they need to improve their leadership skills. After all, they wouldn’t have been (read on...)

Beat the Recession With Marketing Agencies & Conference Management

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There is a tough road ahead for many businesses with the current economic crisis. We have already seen many big businesses struggling to cope and many companies are looking for a way through the recession. There are two ways most businesses can cope with the loss of business due to a reduction in (read on...)

Marketing Rule #2 – It’s a Big Ocean – And You Are a Small Tug Boat

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Consider a quick thought exercise: imagine you are a small but determined, rickety tugboat rising and falling casually, easily, as the ocean surrounding you swells and then dips beneath the horizon. You disappear into vast, blue dunes only to resurface slowly as you are pushed upwards by a (read on...)

New Management Do’s and Don’ts

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So, you are being tasked with managing a whole new team. Now you are wondering what is in store for you. You want to do the best job you can, but you are not quite sure just how to proceed. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to help you in your new position. DON’T think you know (read on...)

The Critical Role of Training

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The extra mile is the only mile that matters!! Every beauty salon and spa needs good management. To make all aspects of the business work, it needs to be both profitable and administratively solid. Every person working in the salon should have an understanding of specific aspects of day to day (read on...)