Marketing Is Not Marketing

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I see it too often and it breaks my heart. Aspiring and passionate entrepreneurs and business owners who try to “get” marketing. Unfortunately, they have it all wrong. Well, most of them (99% in my opinion) out there think marketing is just marketing. Marketing is not (read on...)

7 Ways to Use Twitter As a Business Marketing Tool

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There are plenty of people still brushing off the potential marketing power of the popular microblogging service known as Twitter. It’s true that the popular social media service used to be regularly plagued with instability (Hello, Fail Whale!), inexplicable account suspensions, and some (read on...)

Starting Your Business Blog

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If you are thinking about adding a business blog to your corporate website, there are several things to consider before you ever set fingers to the keyboard to write your first post. Make sure a blog will meet your business goals.Just because you can blog doesn’t mean you should. While many (read on...)

Drive Business Traffic With Keywords

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There’s a big difference between getting lots of traffic to your business website and getting targeted traffic. When your web presence is a critical part of your marketing mix, choosing the best keywords and key phrases is going to make a tremendous impact on the kind of traffic you drive (read on...)

Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Groupon Promotion

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Do: Be aware that it’s not for everyone, and it may not be right for you. With a subscriber base that has surpassed 85 million and shows no signs of slowing, the allure of Groupon is hard to resist. The basic premise seems fail-proof: create a discount offer that’s broadcast to (read on...)

The Whirlwind Way to Wealth

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What a week and a half it’s been. Dallas last week for the Dan Kennedy Information Marketing Summit, back to Calgary on the weekend and 2 workshops I put on this week (Internet Marketing 101 and the Sales Letter Success Workshop). Time to breathe again! One of the big ah-hah moments I had (read on...)

Taking Local Businesses to a New Level With Smart Devices!

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Have you ever wondered what the statistics are on Local Businesses Advertising in today’s information age. It’s astounding; let me give you some information that may help you in your Business. Firstly what are the statistics saying: Today’s Business Owners are faced with (read on...)

8 Business Growth Goals You Can Conquer With Great Content

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Content, content, content Let’s be honest: creating great content on a regular basis can be a real drag. After all, you didn’t get into this business to be a writer any more than to be a salesperson, an accountant or a lawyer. However, just as you can’t neglect to fill your (read on...)

Joel Peterson

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In 2003, Joel Peterson started his first internet online marketing business. He worked hard and tried many different systems before his accomplishments started breeding success. Like other newbies in the internet business, he tried to figure out which programs to start with. Like other (read on...)

5 Key Action Steps for Online Business Success

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There are 5 key actions and steps you must do to build your business and achieve your financial goals. Step 1 Branding yourself and your business This is one of the most important steps as it lays the foundation for you to build your business and yourself as a brand. It will also boost your (read on...)