5 Tips For Better On Hold Scripts

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Here are 5 Tips for Better On Hold Scripts that can mean the difference between successful hold messages and recordings that bore your callers and waste your opportunity… and your money. 1. In the classic television series “Dragnet” Sargent Joe Friday is known for his (read on...)

You Know You Need to Blog, But You Don’t Know How

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Who’d have thought a few years ago that blogging would become a powerhouse for news, opinion and information over traditional sources in the media. As a matter of fact, DestinationCRM.com did a study in 2011 with BlogHer that shows bloggers are trusted more than a celebrity endorsement! So (read on...)

Networking – 5 Tips to Make Your Network Meetings More Effective

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In these tough economic times, networking is more popular than ever and formal groups have popped up everywhere. Many business owners attend networking every week but they don’t get a great return for their time investment. Networking – these are 5 tips to make you network meetings (read on...)

The First Rule of Marketing – And How You Trigger the Right Parts of the Customer’s Brain

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Understanding how a mechanism works is often an essential key to make that mechanism behave in a specific way. The same goes for marketing. If you want your marketing initiatives to make an impact, your marketing messages must trigger exactly the right mechanisms in the mind of the recipient. One (read on...)

Is It Policy or Fallacy in Your Hair Salon or Spa?

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Here’s a story that got me thinking and if I do say so myself, more than a little riled up, I recently received a letter from an overseas bank… it was to do with the purchase of some land that I am involved in with one of my business partners – but that’s not important (read on...)

Lawn Care Business Names – Tips and Ideas for Making a Selection

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Lawn care is a competitive business just like any other industry. A great business name can help you in many ways but there is a lot to consider before you make your final selection. Here are some tips, tests and practical activities that will help to make the process of naming a lawn mowing (read on...)

Top Secrets for Successful Project Management

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There are four major tips for successful task management. By learning how to implement these tips, you will be able to speed up the process, have a high-success rate, and more importantly, stick to the estimated budget. 1. Defining and planning the task’s scope This is mostly done in what (read on...)

Great Tips for Choosing an Online Shop Name or Business Name That Stands Out!

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Descriptive Make your shop name descriptive. Let possible buyers understand what you do or sell, just by reading your business name. Descriptive names are great, but not absolutely required of course. A catchy or trendy name might be a good alternative. Make sure your name is unique and stands (read on...)

12 Dirty Little Secrets: Why Buyers Don’t Buy

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Do you sit and wait for your buyer’s to close? They need your solution. They like you. They are OK with the price. What’s going on? Here are the ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ of why buyers don’t buy, taken from my book of the same name: Sales focuses on solution placement (read on...)

3 Key Marketing Tips for Photographers

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Whenever I speak with my photographer friends, I often hear the exact same complaint. Namely that they’re very talented photographers, so why can’t they get more wedding bookings? I go on to remind them that they are not just photographers, but also business owners. It is this (read on...)