In Mobile Auto Detailing They Say Image Is Everything – But It’s Not The Only Thing

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Okay so, let’s say you’re in the mobile detailing business, and you have a spectacular looking rig, uniforms, and excellent brochures. You are selling image to your customers, and making their Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs, and other high-end cars look pristine. In this case, and in the (read on...)

What Good Are Your Leadership Skills If Your Team Isn’t Getting Results?

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Personally, and I am sorry if I am too brash with my title in this article, but I do believe that if one is going to parade around like an emperor, that he or she better be wearing clothes, and have some real character under those garments, as they achieve results, accomplish missions, and win. (read on...)

Are Defense Contractors Making Excessive Profits? Let’s Talk Before We Point Fingers

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There seems to be public outcry that corporate executives are making too much money, and that corporations are making too much profit, and therefore should be charging the citizens less for the products and services they buy. Of course, if a consumer feels that way, they are free to choose, as (read on...)

The Branding of a Media Event to Shape Public Opinion

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In the world of marketing and branding it is all about bringing emotion to those involved. Making it personal, giving them something to bite into, to call their own. Once you have that buy-in you have successfully captured their individual essence, which indeed is what branding is all about. You (read on...)

Real Marketing Doesn’t Mean Emailing Everyone to Tell Them of Your New Product or Services

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It sometimes amazes me when I read business plans of various startup companies how they intend to market their products and services. I’ve talked to failed entrepreneurs and small business people who have started their companies, got it going, and then had very little marketing budget. What (read on...)

Academic Intelligence Could Be Said to Be an Oxymoron – Care to Debate?

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Far too often, it appears to me that we no longer teach our students in high school and at the college level to think. Rather we teach them through rote memorization for a future job. This is unfortunate because many of the jobs in the future will require reasoning and thinking. If a job (read on...)

Package Sizing Choices – Boxes, Shipping, Transportation, and Logistic Considerations

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The other day I was talking to an entrepreneur who had a new fruit drink, one of those new power drinks which he was trying to market. One of his considerations was to make the bottle unique, trendy, and use this as a strategy to bolster his brand and image. Yes, that makes sense, and proper (read on...)

Knee Jerk Company Policy Reactions Due to Temporary Social Media Driven Political Correctness

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Over the years I’ve been noticing a trend which has bothered me with regards to how corporations and businesses handle crisis management, or perceived hostility from consumers against their brand names in social networks, and online. It seems along the way that companies are too quick to (read on...)

What Should You Do With Your Up and Coming Junior Executives Who Challenge Your Authority?

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Having young blood in an organization is often considered a good thing, an ace in the hole. It helps prevent companies from becoming too bureaucratic, stogy, and stuck in the box of the status quo. Unfortunately, it can also cause conflict with the good old boy network, damage the organizational (read on...)

Yes Identifying the Problem is Paramount, But That Is Only the Start, Not the Solution

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Many people will complain about this, that, or the other thing. There are complaints at every level of government from the federal level on down to the municipal level. In fact, you could even take it down to the community level, or the local school district. If you’ve ever been to a city (read on...)