Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Telemarketing To Specialized Providers

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Although telemarketing may get a bad wrap at times, it is still an effective way to market products to individuals. Most companies try to hire an inhouse telemarketing team, and that may not always be the best option available to them. I would recommend to most, that they look to outsource to a (read on...)

Outsourced IT Telemarketing Services: IT Appointment Setting For More Closed Deals

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In the olden days, manual work flow was heavier and efficiency was only at minor levels. But as technology advanced, things have become automated and the manual work needed to perform certain tasks has been lessened. Efficiency, as well, can now be achieved and even brought to its maximum levels. (read on...)

Software Leads – Give Executives What They Need To Know At Their Own Pace

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Time management is a must-have skill for any high-ranking business executive (and for anyone aspiring to reach their level for that matter). With that said though, they’re the ones in charge and it’s likely that they would want nothing short of full control over their time. This means (read on...)

What Is Today’s Top Marketing Scheme That Works?

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B2B telemarketing is one of the many ways wherein businesses market their products and services. Businesses, no matter what industry they reside, are in dire in need of extra income for their growth. Most of these businesses cannot achieve such results just by individually marketing their own (read on...)

Why Should You Work With Your Competition in Telemarketing?

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Business is war. That is the age-old axiom abided by many companies today, where the main goal here is driving the competition out of business. That may seem like a sensible business tactic, since competition has been known to destroy the revenue stream of companies. This makes it better for (read on...)

Tips to Get You Started on the Way to Lead Generation Success

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If you’re having trouble with B2B lead generation and appointment setting, the following are a number of tips and techniques that have been gathered over time to ensure your success for these marketing strategies. 1) Get targeted leads It’s so easy to just pick up the phone and start (read on...)

Lead Generation Services – Information Impresses

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When you’re in the industry of Business Intelligence software, you’re going to be doing a lot to impress your prospects. This isn’t talking about making commercials that reach out to a vast majority of the public. On the contrary, the number of people you’re going to be (read on...)

Professional Telemarketers: You Can’t Buy Experience

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You may have heard it before or perhaps got a hint of it from the phrase “experience is the best teacher”. Regardless, there’s plenty truth in it as far as getting your own experience goes. That same truth also applies to the art of getting B2B leads. Now we all know how hard it (read on...)

Stop Experimenting Lead Generation: Get Quality Results Through Buying Leads

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As opposed to science class, there is no such thing as experiments in business-to-business (B2B) lead generation. I bet you cannot afford to commit one simple mistake that will lead to the demise of your company. Every plan and decision must be airtight and accurate. There is little room for (read on...)

Technical Know-How Doesn’t Guarantee B2B Leads

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Yes the title seems counterintuitive. How can you sell something that you know little about? Well in a sense, you still have a point. It pays to be familiar with your industry, your niche, your market etc. However, is such knowledge really adequate to get people interested and start asking (read on...)