Accountability – Understanding The Political and Technical Viewpoints For Change

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The perception of a problem viewed from the lens of a political and technical agenda requires people to listen, understand the issues, and develop strategies for lasting improvement. Understanding individual elements of a problem helps develop short-term solutions, but the goal is defining the (read on...)

Seven People Skills Tips For Technical Professionals

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Engineers, IT professionals, and other scientists hold impressive academic credentials. Sadly, most technical programs fail to include a critical success factor in their curriculum. That success factor includes people skills training. Technically brilliant, scientists have a distinct disadvantage (read on...)

Lessons From Japan

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Honda’s approach to developing managers.In 1978 my company was invited to create a management development programme for one of Honda’s overseas subsidiaries, so I set out to learn about the Honda culture. My job was to embed the core culture of Honda into a training and development (read on...)

Soft Skills Coaching, the Art of Managing People

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If you’re a Chief IT Architect and you’re looking to move into a more management role, then engaging the services of an IT architect coach is exactly what you need. Because to be successful in management there is one skill you need above all others. Soft skills, or put simply your (read on...)

Illustration For Technical and Marketing Publications – A New Approach

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Both technical and marketing literature rely on illustration to drive a point home, whether it’s instructing a technician how to replace a component in a machine or educating a potential customer on the merits of a product. Consider the person shopping online for a product. Would they buy a (read on...)

Successful Technical Project Management

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Introduction This paper provides ten useful tips for successful project management, distilled from years of experience in deploying enterprise business software solutions. Delivering success, on time and on budget, requires not only the ability to follow a process, but also people skills, the (read on...)