Get Things Accomplished in Meetings

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The RARA approach to meeting management is an excellent solution to getting things done with meetings. This approach can be thought of as time management for meetings. The most well-known time management principle is to start with A’s when looking at priorities. So for anyone who is (read on...)

Productive Weekly Sales Team Meetings

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Hands up who has experience of the weekly sales team meeting, 8 am on a cold, damp Monday morning, off the back of the weekend from hell (good or bad – delete where applicable), where you spend an hour and a half (if you’re lucky) listening to each salesperson run through their (read on...)

Team Leader Training – Why Run Team Meetings?

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A Team Leader, at any level, is responsible for building a high performing Team. The main tool or process for the Team Leader to build their Team is the Team Meeting. Unfortunately, in the real world, meetings are not always interesting and productive affairs! Meetings can be dull, repetitive, (read on...)

When to Call a Business Meeting

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Years ago, when I was on the road as a sales executive, I worked for a company where the sales manager loved having what he called an ’emergency’ business meeting.  Sometimes he would call on a Friday afternoon telling me that I had to attend so to get to this crazy business meeting, (read on...)