Managing Leaders: How to Deal With Dysfunctional Team Members

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I was recently in conversation with a friend who is in the midst of some conflict within their management position. In order to better manage this conflict they’ve chosen to bring someone in to serve in a coaching/consultant capacity. This friend shared the frustration they experienced as (read on...)

3 Keys to Finding and Keeping a Successful Team

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You CAN find and keep maximum producers who care about the business’s success as much as you do. And there are easy to apply secrets that will result in your facility housing the best team in town! The really great news is that these techniques are proven. We use them in our business every (read on...)

Project Planning For Project Sponsors: Clarity, Assignment and Projects

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As a manager, you’ve almost certainly been made aware of the need for clarity when assigning work or discussing work matters with the people who report to you. It’s part of the basic training for managers. It’s one thing to be diplomatic. Or rude. The need for the one should be (read on...)

How to Get Employees Behind Team Decisions

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A lot of organizations these days approach consensus building with the same old, tired methods and then are disappointed when employees express mistrust in or dissatisfaction with the outcome. Discussing the topic of consensus building without acknowledging the concept of collaboration would be (read on...)

Leadership Coaching: Making Your Team Better Through MBWA

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Understand What Your People Do In good management, you have to know and understand what your people do. This is the key to making your team better. Learn what your team does and understand it. If you’re a first time supervisor, knowing and understanding the task of your team come quite (read on...)

Free Team Building Exercises That Work

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Instilling a great sense of team and self-worth in your employees does not have to cost an arm and a leg. This can be not only cost-effective but free! Nothing about building a team has to be fancy or expensive; in fact it can be more fun to get creative with a limited budget. The building of a (read on...)

Team Building Activities for Adults That Work

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Finding team building activities that work is not hard. The issue is finding staff that allows those activities to work. If a staff member is open to learning and bonding with other, any team building activity can work; if a staff member has no intention of learning, no activity could help. The (read on...)

How Not To Manage A Hotel – Team Building

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In my over four decades of working in the hospitality industry in a number of countries, I have gained mixed feelings on professionalism by witnessing various styles of functioning. Some sweet and a few sour ones. This article, the first in the series, is intended to address both styles, the (read on...)

The Gift of Christian Leadership: Investing in Others and Building Teams

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One of the greatest gifts given to a leader in life is the opportunity to invest in the growth and development of others. The ability to influence a small group of individuals in life on life development is the leadership approach modeled perfectly for each of by Jesus Christ. During His (read on...)

How To Create A One Year Marketing Plan

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1) Create a list of all of the activities you presently do for marketing your practice and put them into the 4 categories of INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL and then PROCEDURES OR SPECIAL EVENTS. 2) Review what is presently working and consider how to upgrade it to a higher level. (There is no sense (read on...)