Enterprise Management Incentive – Motivate Your Staff!

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You can use the Enterprise Management Incentive, a type of share option scheme, to provide tax-efficient, targeted incentives to your key employees, or employee groups. Your employee is given the right to purchase shares in your company (the employing company) in the future (an option) at a price (read on...)

Popular Business Misconceptions Cost You Money!

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Faulty information costs you money! Which of these popular business misconceptions do you believe? Popular Misconception #1:“We Only Need Our Books Done Once A Year For Tax Purposes.”Are Your Accounting Records Adequate To Run Your Business? Although it is important to keep records (read on...)

How They Cheat A Retirement Fund – And Make You Pay For It

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Think back to when you did not cause the problem and yet you had to clean up? It is happening again. At least this time you are getting more time to prepare for this event in your ongoing strategic planning, contingency planning, enterprise risk management, or even basic budgeting process. What (read on...)

Business Ownership Structure – Sole Trader

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If you want to start or purchase a business – or have an existing business – you may want to know the best ownership structure for you to use. We’ll talk about the three main business structures in Australia and NZ – sole trader, partnership and company – over the (read on...)

Business Ownership Structure – Partnerships

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Partnerships are strange beasties – ferocious in failures and tricky for tax. The first strange thing about them is that, while us accountants recognise them – we do sets of accounts for them – the law does not see them. Legally, they do not exist. Partnerships can’t (read on...)

Business Ownership Structure – Company (1)

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Companies are tricky things to describe so we’ll do it in two parts. This week we’ll talk about separate identity, limited liability and your personal liability. Next week you’ll learn about forming a company and company borrowing. The first thing is that companies are like (read on...)

Marketing – Investment Or Expense?

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If the IRS had it way, every dollar you spend on marketing would be classified as an investment and subject to amortized deduction versus a lump-sum deduction. The argument does have merit and until the tax laws change, you have a governmental stimulus package of your own. The difference between (read on...)

Using the Prospect’s Own Senses to Sell Them

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One trait that every salesperson can use to be successful is to sell prospects through their senses. Seeing, hearing, touching, these are all part of our senses. By appealing to these senses you can make it easier for yourself to sell and for the customer to buy. 1- The Sales talk.A great (read on...)

Why Should I Learn How to Sell?

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Whether we realize it or not everyone of us is selling to every other one of us. Consider this; you are trying to get a better job. What you will have to do is persuade that company to take you on. Sell them on your qualifications. You want to get your child into the proper school. You must point (read on...)

How to Sell the Nervous Type Prospect

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To be able to sell someone we must first recognize the various types of prospects by their appearance, words, actions and personality. By observing these traits we can then build a strategy to sell them. Let’s start with the type of person who appears to be high strung, nervous and (read on...)