Using the Employee Attitude Survey

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The employee attitude survey is a management tool business owners or managers use to learn about the views and opinions of their employees on issues pertaining to the company and their role within the organization. It is both a methodology and a process to help management understand the different (read on...)

10 Tips for Designing an Effective Online Survey

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Online surveys are a popular way for businesses to gauge customer satisfaction or measure the impact of a marketing campaign. Surveys can be posted on the business website, and participants can be invited by email or Facebook. There are many ways in which a survey can be helpful in revealing (read on...)

Grow Your Business by Getting to Know Your Customers

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What matters most to your customers? If you want to know how to increase your business, just ask your customers. Asking for customer feedback is one of the most important elements of doing business. Developing lasting customer relationships and customer loyalty requires an understanding of their (read on...)

Ask Your Customers – Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did

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Have you ever assumed you knew what your customers wanted, spent time, effort and money on creating a product or service, only to find out you were wrong and no-one bought it? Don’t worry, many of us (including myself) have done just that at some point. I spent about a year of my evenings (read on...)

Writing Effective Customer Surveys

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There is usually a time in any business where you think it might be useful to ask your customers what they think and get their opinions. This is particularly useful if you’re considering launching a new product or service and want to know whether people are likely to buy it. So if you do (read on...)

Mobile Marketing Campaigns That Work

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Mobile technology is here to stay and professional writers, coaches, consultants and even brick and mortar companies can generate a highly effective and profitable income using a well thought out mobile marketing campaign. Lets think about it we have almost replaced wrist watches with (read on...)

11 Steps to Creating Great Surveys

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Writing a good questionnaire can be hard work. With the below step-by-step guide, you can develop a framework for doing your own market research that gives you real, actionable insight into your products, services, company, marketing and industry. Step 1) Define your goals Before you write your (read on...)

Cheap Research

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Cheap marketing research is like a cheap date: Sure, you have a transient and temporal moment of involvement, but nothing longer term ever comes from it and it can lead to nasty infections. This comparison recently came to mind when a client asked if there was any way we could scale back a (read on...)

What Clients Love

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I’ve been reading What Clients Love by Harry Beckwith. Beckwith is one of the best authors on the topic of selling services. There’s a quote that stands out in the book. He says: “When you buy a product, you purchase something tangible. When you buy a service, however, you buy (read on...)

Getting the Most Out of Your Post Event Feedback – 8 Steps to Higher Response Rates

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Getting feedback becomes more important the tighter the competition gets with in an industry. Your customers are the reason you are still in business are they not? The savvy businesses will be finding out all the key information from their customers about where they are succeeding and where they (read on...)