How to Effectively Manage Accounts

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The fundamental part of any business, especially wholesale business is managing accounts. If you have experience of accounting then there would be no problems. On other hand, if you have never dealt with accounting and financing stuff then things will get difficult for you. However, thanks to (read on...)

Choosing an Electronic Records Management System

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When choosing an Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) it is vitally important to identify restrictions on resources, technology or the space available that could affect the choice of the system or supplier e.g. if your organisation currently works with an old computer system, you will need (read on...)

Expert Management – The Backbone of Your Wholesale Manufacturing Business

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To achieve a definite objective, every business, irrespective of its size and scale, has to manage and control its entire operations. This definite objective is to earn maximum profit. Management is the backbone of any wholesale manufacturing business. Many examples can be traced back from the (read on...)

Utilizing the Power of Testimonials for Attracting Wholesale

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Wholesale suppliers can increase the credibility of their website and business by displaying the testimonials of previous customers on their website who are happy with their services and products. Customers have a common psyche that if they find wholesalers speaking high about them by their own (read on...)

Promotional Pens Are Used to Deter Workplace Thefts

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Promotional pens are often used to deter negative equipment theft around schools, within business workplaces, and during public events. Writing instruments will be branded with an appropriate business message so that if they are stolen by accident or on purpose, the acquired pen will become a (read on...)

The Core Components of a Marketing System!

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The core marketing system of a company comprises the suppliers, company, marketing intermediaries and target customers. The success of the company is also affected by competitor’s presence and other segments of public. The management has to watch and plan for all these factors to serve and (read on...)

Think Out of the Box – Offline Marketing for Your Online Wholesale Business

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Marketing is the lifeline of all businesses, be it online or offline, businesses cannot survive without marketing. Online marketing, though comparatively new, has made its mark and one can find many people swearing on the importance of online marketing and they are absolutely right. However, this (read on...)

Using Sales Letters for Your Wholesale Trading Business

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Internet has superseded some older forms or techniques of marketing, but there are some tactics that have actually regained the significance with the coming of internet, sales letter is one of those tools or mediums. Sales letter is regarded as one of the oldest mediums of marketing, it also (read on...)

How Success of Wholesale Business Depends on Warehouse Management

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While talking about wholesale business we cannot forget the importance of warehouse and its management. Warehouse management plays a vital role in the success and failure of wholesale suppliers or distributors. Most of the wholesalers face the same problem of getting short of space, too high (read on...)

Primary Concerns of Wholesalers

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Primary concern of wholesalers is to maintain their position in the market. The first and foremost issue faced by the wholesalers is the disintermediation of marketing channels. Disintermediation here refers to the removal of wholesalers form the marketing channel, leading to direct transaction (read on...)

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