5 Common Branding Bloopers You Want to Avoid

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Failing to know your target marketBefore you can even think about building a brand that works, you need to know who your audience is. All too often a business will throw themselves in the faces of the public without properly assessing their target market. You can have the flashiest logo and (read on...)

Effective Branding: Beyond The Logo

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Marketers of retail stores have a common goal – they are constantly working to strengthen their store brand. They know brand power translates into increased sales. A store’s brand represents all that the company stands for – it’s more than just a logo. Today’s store (read on...)

How Do I Brand My New Business?

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“Can you FedEx this package before 5:00?” That question will be asked many times this week. Why do we propose we ask the question like that instead of asking, “Can you ship this package before 5:00?” Least you forget we are merely shipping a package, and FedEx is just (read on...)

Company Branding – Getting Started

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In a competitive market place, the importance of developing your company brand should not be underestimated. Your brand is like the face of your company; it communicates your company’s values to consumers and promotes a recognisable identity that allows people to make an instant connection (read on...)

Establishing a Brand Name for Your Company – The 5 W’s of Branding

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Establishing a brand name for your company- The 5 W’s of Branding As a nation infused with consumerism, we are all exposed to branding. Many companies maintain a certain notoriety that is synonymous with quality and excellence. To that end, they become household names that we trust. Some of (read on...)

The Branding Myths

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Myth 1 – Branding Equals Advertising And Marketing When talks about branding arise, many people tend to think of advertising or marketing… however, it is much broader than just these two. Advertising and marketing are parts of branding that normally people use to promote a brand. On (read on...)

Successful Branding: Tide Detergent

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In 1945 P&G (Proctor and Gamble ) was just another household cleaning company. Considered a “soap” company they were facing stiff competition from other brands such as Colgate and Lever and were worried that they may lose. P&G executives knew that they needed something new (read on...)

Branding Defined: The Importance of Branding for Business Success

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Years ago I bought “Apostrophe,” an album by the late Frank Zappa. In one of the songs were the words: “The crux of the biscuit is found in the apostrophe.” Being a young man at the time, it took me a while to understand what Frank meant with those words. I think he meant (read on...)

The Importance of Business to Business (B2B) Branding

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Many mistakenly believe that branding only applies to consumer goods because not only does it get the lion’s share of marketing budgets but most of the modern day business literature is dedicated to the successful branding of the Coke’s, Nike’s, Procter and Gamble’s and (read on...)

The Guide To Branding

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In the business world you have to brand your company to be able to sell products. So, before you get to releasing products, you really should work on branding. Let’s go back to the original form of branding from many years ago. Ranchers have always had trouble distinguishing their livestock (read on...)