UnCommon Leadership – Intentionality

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When you hear the words UnCommon Leadership, what comes to mind? Most of the time when we ask that question, people turn their mind’s eye toward someone who has stood out for them as a leader. These leaders have been “uncommon” in their approach through a variety of ways. (read on...)

The Problem With Marketing Today

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Marketing is essential for a business to succeed And, there’s a simple, age-old formula for marketing that goes like this… Offer the Right Product to the Right People at the Right Price and the Right Time It’s taught in business school as the 4 P’s: Product, Place, Price, (read on...)

What a Leadership Development Program Should Teach

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I’ve had the opportunity to build leadership development programs for many different kinds of organizations and occasionally I get asked about the most important things that a leadership development program should focus on in order to get results. Many programs feel good to the (read on...)

Best Buy Is Reinventing Their Business, Will They Make It?

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I read a story about Best Buy in the Wall Street Journal recently and it seems that interim CEO Mike Mikan is ready to reinvent the business and make it “more relevant, more intelligent and more nimble”. It will be interesting to watch this play out and see if they can adapt their (read on...)

Six Sigma Requires An Open Mind For Success

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An unsteady economic climate has made it necessary for businesses to find innovative ways to maintain their hold on an ever-changing market. Building and maintaining a reliable customer base has become increasingly difficult for a large number of companies. This is likely due to the fact that (read on...)

The Team Doesn’t Perform, the Leader Gets Fired – And What You Can Do About It

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I am watching the European Football Championship and the German team just won their first two matches. Congratulations. There is something interesting about football and leadership: how many players do you know who ever got fired? And in contrast to that, how many coaches got sacked when the team (read on...)

Terrific Testimonials

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You’ve got a great product or service – you’re ‘business fit’. You’ve lots of technical backup and evidence to prove your product does exactly what people pay for – you’re ‘knowledge fit’. How smart are you at communicating this to (read on...)

Differentiation: Killing It in Killer Competition

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How do you keep it ill? Whether you’re on the dance floor or building the next billion dollar biz. Differentiation is the key. So what is it? Differentiation is the edge that makes you stand out from the crowd. Its the one thing you’ve got (or claim you got) that no one else (read on...)

Tough Economic Times Require Courageous Leadership

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If the current economy has not had a negative impact on some minor or major area of your business in the past couple of years, then I’ll bet you are living in denial. Tough times come and go and they always take their toll on businesses that fail to respond in an appropriate and timely way. (read on...)

Selling And The Four Agreements

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Before I get started, if you have never read the best selling book, The Four Agreements by M. Ruiz, I urge you to buy it today and spend the next few days devouring his very wise counsel. To this day out of all of the books I have read this is still one of my favorites. So what do the four (read on...)