What Is Branding? What Does It Say About You?

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What is branding and how did it start? Since the beginning of time, or communications at least, people have represented themselves or their ideas in certain ways. Cave paintings depicted a particular person as certain shape, height and color reacting with other certain shapes and colors. It was (read on...)

Building a Strong Brand – How to Measure Its Health

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A brand is the greatest asset your business will ever own. And the main reason why you should invest in building a strong, healthy brand lies in its very nature. Walter Landor puts the brand concept simply: “Products are made in the factory, brands are created in the mind.” By way of (read on...)

Brand Development Benefits

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When you brand your business you create something like a slogan or a catch phrase. Mainly this is important when it comes to marketing your business. There are three major ways in which brand development can benefit your business. No matter what economic adversity any business finds itself in, a (read on...)

Five Product Branding Strategies and Tips for Your Small Business

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Product branding is not merely the creation of your product logo to make your business visually appealing to your target market. It goes beyond the visuals and extends to making your target market realize that your product is the best solution in its category. For instance, the goal of branding (read on...)

The Power of Goodbye: The Upside of Losing Customers

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No company likes to lose a customer, but there are certainly times when you can feel good about the loss. When losing the customer you have to ask yourself (or the customer, if possible) why you lost them. Depending on the reason, you can determine whether or not the loss was a wake up call for (read on...)

A General Overview Of Business Branding

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The symbol or icon of an organization can represent its commitment to satisfying customer’s needs, its effectiveness in service delivery or even its level of reliability, thus reflecting who they are as a company. Many companies go the extra mile to secure strong brands as to achieve (read on...)

Social Media Strategy: Video Creates a Strong Brand

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Statistically, the presence of video on a social media platform is a big part in creating a world class brand. Online video is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity each day. Each day more people are searching the Web looking for video content. This creates a great opportunity for marketers (read on...)

Why Is Branding Your Small Business Important?

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Branding will always be an integral part of a business. For starters, it is with the branding of the business that people get to know the company and everything that comes with it. Branding allows the company to introduce itself. Business brand does not comprise just the products or services of (read on...)

Focus On The Importance of Your Own Brand

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Building a strong brand can vital to the success of a company. Whether it’s to promote loyalty amongst customers or raise awareness and build a solid reputation, the strength of a brand can be vital in giving a company a strong identity going forward. The popular British retailer Marks and (read on...)

Three Important Elements To Building A Strong Brand Identity

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When you think of brands and branding typically the first thing that comes to mind is the graphic image, logo or trademark that identifies a business or company with that particular visual identity. Think, Nike’s tick or Apple’s bite marked apple for example, simple but strong graphic (read on...)