Strategic Sourcing Reduces Risk In Your Supply Chain

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been reported that the value of shipments for manufactures is somewhere around 54 percent. The value of services to the global economy is important now and will experience continued growth over the years. This growth will result in an increase in the amount that those purchasing will spend for (read on...)

Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Risk Management

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Strategic sourcing methods use a procurement process that has integrated Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s continuous improvement processes with the purchasing habits of an organization. Evaluation of purchasing outcomes are continuously evaluated and modified based on results which enables supply (read on...)

User Adoption: The Fuel That Drives ESourcing

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With changes in their environment many organizations are looking at changes in their sourcing applications and initiatives. Several organizations are unhappy with their current sourcing platforms and are looking at other alternatives. As with any other business software application, a fairly (read on...)

Procurement – The Top 5 Capabilities You Need From Your Suppliers

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For effective Procurement, it is vital that you look beyond the traditional evaluation of markets and suppliers that tell you about products and services and their costs and prices. What you need to know is the capability of suppliers to deliver your expectations. The Top 5 capabilities you need (read on...)

Procurement – Top Tips For Analysing Your Supply Data

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It is often said that information is power. This is very true in Procurement situations where you need to negotiate with suppliers, find breakthrough ways of reducing costs or identify and manage any supply risks. Collecting data is difficult enough in its own right – but analysing your (read on...)

Procurement – How to Identify Supply Market Trends

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If your Procurement efforts are to be effective, you need up to the minute information about your supply markets and trends within those markets. This article will describe what information you need to collect and top tips for collecting it. Market trends can be split into four groups:- • Cost (read on...)

Purchasing – Six Steps to Move Beyond Price Management and Become a Strategic Cost Manager

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Purchasing people often use price management approaches to getting value for money. A typical way of doing this is to invite suppliers to bid for your contract using market competition as the means of ensuring the “right” price. This is fine for low risk markets where there are many (read on...)

Sourcing Strategy – 7 Reasons You Should Consider Global Sourcing

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Global sourcing is a term used to describe a strategy for buying goods and services from countries other than your own so that you can access significant benefits. This is because different parts of the world will be at different stages in their development and so have different cost structures. (read on...)