Branding Your Business – It’s Easier Than You Think

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I am the Director of my own small company and I don’t have a massive marketing budget – a few ads in local papers, a small monthly sum for my website; overall I spend about £100 per month on advertising – which is very small really, but we are a new company. Since we started (read on...)

Tips on Selecting Unique Promotional Stationary

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Promotional Stationary is a popular item in the business promotion sector, with many business companies opting for this product as it offers good brand exposure. In this article we would like to discuss a couple of unique products in this category that will help take your name into the consumer (read on...)

What Business Card Designing Means For Start-Ups

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Is it really required? To increase your brand identity, the new creative business cards extend the representation of your business and brand to the new horizon. Visiting cards help your brand to be identified by customers as “the only one company” that provides a solution to their (read on...)

Advertising With Promotional Sports Bottles

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Do you have a business show or expo coming up in the near future and you need a product to give away to your prospective customers? There are many products available today for this purpose. However, recent studies have shown that people prefer to receive functional items that they can use on a (read on...)

Creating Attractive Business Stationery

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Stationery is widely appreciated on both a business and personal scale. When it comes to personal usage, it can offer inspiration to keep in touch with loved ones through a more unique and special way than email or on the phone. This article is more focused on professional applications. For those (read on...)

Use Promotional Lighters For Business Branding

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Branding your business is the process of making a product or service synonymous with your company name. For example, when someone says shoes you can automatically think of four or five major brands or companies that offer shoes. This should be one of your major goals in your company. Whether you (read on...)