Focus on Solutions and Benefits in Your Elevator Speech

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Most people in networking groups want to help you, knowing that you will help them too. Here’s how to make it easy for them. Start by coming up with answers to your pull marketing questions from the Client Attraction system. Think about: – What problems do your ideal clients (read on...)

Are You Choosing to Survive Or Thrive During These Times?

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Even with everything we’ve been hearing about the economy, people are still spending money. I stood in line to buy my chai latte at Starbucks…people were buying expensive coffee! I stood in line at the supermarket waiting to buy my groceries…people’s carriages were filled (read on...)

We Need to Reach Out & Sell Someone – Now!

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Remember that cool sports movie, “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner? Costner’s character heard voices entreating him to build a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield, a place where Shoeless Joe Jackson and the ghosts of the Chicago White Sox could come back to life and (read on...)

Salespeople – Use Your Six Figure Money Back Guarantee!

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In journalism there is a famous flaw that you’ll see in many articles. The author “buries the lead,” meaning the most catchy, interesting morsel is in the piece, somewhere, but the reader won’t see it until it’s too late. A similar mistake occurs in selling. Many (read on...)

Sorry, But "You’re a Great Salesperson!" Means the Opposite

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If you met a great ballplayer, surgeon, investor, tennis player, or employee, you’d want them on your team, wouldn’t you? Right, it only makes sense, so if you were to tell them they’re great at what they do, they could interpret that as a compliment, a genuine endorsement. But (read on...)

Is Your Elevator Pitch a Monologue Or a Dialogue?

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When most people think “elevator pitch”, they think of a paragraph that they can utter in about 15 seconds that tells people what they do. I’ve written previous articles on “How to Craft a Pitch” and “How to Judge Your Pitch’s Effectiveness”. But (read on...)

Men Should Return to Their Strength – To Direct Selling!

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In a recent article I mentioned there is research reported by the New York Times that implies that we are better off selling men our riskiest proposals in the morning, when testosterone levels are at their highest. My piece spawned some suggestions. One reader asked if I could elaborate on male (read on...)

Google Me!

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Maybe I’m getting lazy. Or, it could be cockiness. But I like to think of my strategy as a very practical way to sell. Increasingly, when I’m pitching people I invite them to “Google me.” A few weeks ago they would have found a couple of million documents, but the gigantic (read on...)

Quick! Who Invented Coca-Cola?

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Last week, I delivered a keynote speech at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School For Communication. I mentioned there are several ways for communicators and especially for writers to earn a living that aren’t labeled as communicating or writing. I gave the example (read on...)

Five Great Reasons to Continue Marketing During Tough Times!

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In a recent Internet blog, one person asked a truly important question that I’d like to address, here: “Does it make sense to continue marketing during a recession?” He went on to explain: “If no one is buying at the moment, why keep marketing? There’s no sense (read on...)