4 Techniques For Dispelling Hamster-Thinking At The Helm

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Hamster Thinking. Every organization does it. Particularly when they operate entirely according to prompt ‘n nudge guidelines; copy and paste behavior; the rules over the goals. Hamsters can be identified according to their use of ‘The Rules of Hamster Thinking,’ which (read on...)

Planning a Road-Show? Take These Tips on Tour

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Road Shows are just sales calls in which your customers come to you. With such an opportunity, it’s best to get it right. You needn’t sledgehammer your audiences into a coma with a plague of PowerPoint slides and there’s no reason to display a thousand and one fussy charts and (read on...)

Why Hire a Keynote Speaker When Promoting Your Products?

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Business people would do anything just to be able to promote their products and services very well and create clients out of their enthusiasts. There are different methods of marketing products and it is up to the business owner to see which one will really work well for their business. But one (read on...)

Motivational Marketing Strategies

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Some seminars and conferences mostly target their audience into teaching them about marketing strategies that they could use in either their work or their business. Motivational speakers are hired to teach the audience regarding techniques that businesses and establishments use in their sales (read on...)

Fourteen Sure Fire Ways to Build Your Back of the Room Sales

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One of the things I love about speaking is the ability to create other income streams. In fact, I bet your life would be a whole lot less stressful if you could have multiple streams of income coming in simultaneously. Well, getting paid to speak by an association or company (and then selling (read on...)

Just Because You Build a Website Does Not Mean They Will Come (And Do Business and Buy From You!)

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Recently, I had a conversation with a prospective client. The company, product and service shall remain nameless to protect the innocent. He had just launched his company and started advertising on Facebook to sell his product. And he was not happy with his sales results. Did you know that there (read on...)

Are You Choosing to Survive Or Thrive During These Times?

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Even with everything we’ve been hearing about the economy, people are still spending money. I stood in line to buy my chai latte at Starbucks…people were buying expensive coffee! I stood in line at the supermarket waiting to buy my groceries…people’s carriages were filled (read on...)

We Need to Reach Out & Sell Someone – Now!

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Remember that cool sports movie, “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner? Costner’s character heard voices entreating him to build a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield, a place where Shoeless Joe Jackson and the ghosts of the Chicago White Sox could come back to life and (read on...)

Will the Economy Restore Urgency to Selling?

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I just read another statistic citing a slowdown in consumer spending. This one from Publisher’s Weekly says one-third of book buyers have curtailed their purchases. What that stat doesn’t say is some people are buying more volumes. I should know. I’m one of them. Granted, (read on...)

Is Christmas a Good Day For Selling?

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Ever since I started selling, and especially since becoming a sales manager and consultant, I’ve been fascinated by the superstitions that sellers foster. For instance, is it opportune to sell someone on Friday, the 13th? Personally, I love to sell on St. Patrick’s Day, which I (read on...)