The Ingredients That Make Magical Things Happen

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Elton John, Billy Joel, Phil Collins and Freddie Mercury all have something in common – aside of a smidge of talent and the fact they all became pop-stars. Watch Elton John perform I’m Still Standing or Billy Joel play My Life at their pianos; witness Freddie Mercury winding up for We (read on...)

Have You Got Soul?

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Have you ever wondered how you could differentiate your business from your competitors? Do you struggle to come up with what makes you unique? Well, so did I until a while ago! The day I finally distilled my business’s unique essence was a major turning point for me. My business finally had (read on...)

Decisions Reveal Your Character

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As a Chiropreneur who strives to grow your practice, you are faced with decisions continuously. As the leader of your practice, you must make decisions on a wide-range of issues affecting your employees, marketing, financial, patient care and the rest of the stuff needed to continue operating (read on...)