Vapourware – A Lesson Learned!

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What sparked off this post is the article spotted on e-Health Insider that stated that East Cheshire NHS Trust had opted to keep its existing PAS IT system and pay for a hardware upgrade, rather than implement the Local Service Provider (LSP) offering of iSoft Lorenzo (i). This in itself (read on...)

Using the Employee Attitude Survey

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The employee attitude survey is a management tool business owners or managers use to learn about the views and opinions of their employees on issues pertaining to the company and their role within the organization. It is both a methodology and a process to help management understand the different (read on...)

Should IT Still Be Considered a Cost Center?

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For many years, the traditional financial classification of a company’s IT (Information Technology) department is that of a cost center. The classification as a “cost center” essentially means that IT departments are viewed as an expense for your business rather than a (read on...)

10 Tips for Designing an Effective Online Survey

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Online surveys are a popular way for businesses to gauge customer satisfaction or measure the impact of a marketing campaign. Surveys can be posted on the business website, and participants can be invited by email or Facebook. There are many ways in which a survey can be helpful in revealing (read on...)

Using Social Media Effectively in Healthcare

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Using social media to expand a healthcare practice is new, but the principles involved are the age-old successful promotional actions of old-just less legwork. With roughly 200 million U.S. Facebook users (according to Facebook), 13% of American adults now use Twitter and 84% of Americans have (read on...)

Draw In Sales Leads While Improving Your CRM Software Product

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When technology rises, so does the demand for any improvement it brings. The same goes for the ways customer service is being done. Back then, you probably had to write a letter when a certain product you brought had some defects. The exchange that then follows would take considerable amount of (read on...)

Contract Management Levels: The Basics

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Ensuring that contracts are smoothly ticking over is vital in getting the most out of them, but you need to know how this is possible. There needs to be a structure, development, delivery and strategy framework on the table for each and every contract. Whether you are a small company or a big (read on...)

How To Market Your Small Business

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First, congratulations! If you’re looking to market your small business that must mean you HAVE a small business! Starting, owning and running a small business is scary stuff. Scary but exciting! Everyone comes into a entrepreneurship with a different specialty. Some people are good at (read on...)

How to Effectively Manage Accounts

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The fundamental part of any business, especially wholesale business is managing accounts. If you have experience of accounting then there would be no problems. On other hand, if you have never dealt with accounting and financing stuff then things will get difficult for you. However, thanks to (read on...)

Contract Management: What You Need To Know

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All business to business contracts need to be managed all the way from the beginning to the end. When you do contract management correctly that you can make the managing of contracts simpler while also minimising risk and increasing turnover. Due to the pressure of reducing costs and maximising (read on...)