5 Steps to Profit From The New Marketplace

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You Have a Problem, and a yet a Solution At The Same Time! Things have changed, but with these 5 simple steps you can profit from the changes! In this report I will show you how YOU can start thinking Out Of The Box with your Marketing! What is the problem? The old system just does not work the (read on...)

Child Care Providers: Social Proof Is Essential to Your Center’s Success

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Dr. Robert Cialdini coined the phrase social proof to refer to the consideration that people give to the decisions and actions of others. This is particularly true when people are unsure of a decision and assume that others must know more than they do. Because parents are so afraid of making a (read on...)

More Sales in Less Time With Less Stress – How to Use the Law of Liking To Make Sales!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock in your sales career you already know how important it is that the prospects and clients you are working with like you. That’s because they are more willing to buy from someone they like. It’s not just your prospects of course; you and I do (read on...)

5 Insanely Effective Ways to Build Better Business Buzz

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Every business hopes to build a little bit a LOT of excitement and activity around their brand. You want people talking, and you want your clients and potential clients energetically engaged with and excited about your products and services. Online buzz and inbound links not only give your brand (read on...)

Improve Your Sales Pages With The Facebook Factor

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This article will give you some valuable insights into how to make your sales pages more powerful, using the same marketing principle that has made Facebook such a monolith on the Internet. If you follow the ideas given in this article, you have a very good chance of increasing the conversion (read on...)

A Lesson in Social Proof

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I was sitting at my desk reading a few news stories and my daughter brings me the mail. All junk. Flyers from stores we have been to and flyers from competing companies. Essentially the mail was a bunch of ads fighting for my attention. It got me thinking about all of the advertisements we see (read on...)

The Old Persuasive Technique Of Social Proofing

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Ok, in this little article, I’m going to describe the many powers that “social proof” can have on human influence. But first, I need you to visualize this with me: You’re standing in a club. The music is beating at your head mercilessly like a rusty old hammer. The place (read on...)

A Fast, Easy and Free Way to Skyrocket Your Revenue

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Your prospective customers want to know that if they purchase your product or service, they are going to get the results they desire. One of the easiest ways to show your prospective customers that you will give them the results they are seeking, is through social proof. There are several ways (read on...)

Use Testimonials to Show You Are An Expert

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Today’s world – more than ever – is about community. As an expert – as somebody with ideas to share with the world – you can no longer rely on authority alone. Certainly not positional authority. You’re no longer an expert because you say you’re an (read on...)

Well, If She’s Working With You, Then I Will Too!

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When your peeps are thinking about working with you or even purchasing a product or program, they like to see social proof of others who have had an experience with you. In general, we like to follow the crowd, and we feel more confident in our decisions if we see similar people or people we know (read on...)

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