SMS Text Marketing VS Traditional Methods Of Marketing

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As an expert marketing specialist with almost two decades under my belt, allow me to say – “I’m thankful for the good old marketing secrets that paved the way for us today.” Many of the old strategies shared with us by such greats as Mike Ferry, Tony Robbins, Napoleon (read on...)

10 SMS Text Marketing Advantages

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There are numerous SMS text marketing advantages for small businesses and organizations needing to increase sales, without increasing their advertising budget. It has quickly become the leader in the mobile marketing advertising medium and for good reason. Businesses who could no longer afford or (read on...)

Important Facts Business Owners Need To Know About SMS Text Message Marketing

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As new technologies are developed to make our lives easier, businesses are urged to keep up with the changes if they wish to sustain through economic conditions. New inventions are created every day and technology has evolved in recent years. In order to stay in front of your target market, (read on...)

Why Building SMS Text Lists for Import Into Multiple Text Campaigns Should Be Avoided

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This article will explore the practice of building text messaging lists to sell to multiple businesses. For example, advertising a free dessert in exchange for a consumer opting into a mobile text messaging campaign for restaurants in the Orlando, Florida area. An example of one (read on...)

SMS Text Messaging for Restaurants – Use Opt In Marketing to Increase Your Sales

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SMS text messaging is the perfect marketing tool for restaurants. Restaurants rely on loyal, repeat business customers to profit and stay alive. In some cases 80% of your sales come from your regulars. When marketing and advertising you have two choices. You can increase sales by advertising to (read on...)

SMS Text Messaging May Be Your Answer to Ineffective Advertising

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Has your business sales been down due to the recession? Are you trying the same old marketing methods you have been doing for years but they just don’t seem to bring in the customers like they used too? If so, SMS text messaging may be your answer to re-connect with your customers and (read on...)

SMS Text Marketing

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SMS text marketing is one of the most potentially powerful emergent marketing practices available today. Before getting into this arena however, you should make sure that your mobile marketing plan is perfectly polished and integrated with your other advertising and promotional strategies. Below (read on...)

SMS Text Messages For the Salon Owner

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There is nothing worse than a slow day in your salon. Everyone has them and they really cut into profits. You can change those slow periods around pretty quickly though if you’ll adopt an SMS text message strategy. Sending text messages to your customers’ phones is one of the easiest, (read on...)