SMS Marketing Is Very Profitable for Certain Types of Retailers

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There is a lot of talk today of SMS marketing and it seems to be the latest and greatest way to market your business. There are however, certain businesses that benefit much more than others, and the truth is that many businesses will not benefit using this service at all. In essence, this is a (read on...)

Free SMS – A Unique Groove to Stay Connected!

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In today’s era, mobile phones are an important means of communication that is used by everyone to stay connected. You use mobiles for calls and to send SMS to your friends, relatives, and even colleagues but, it costs some amount. However, what if, you are provided with an option to send (read on...)

An Overview on SMS Marketing

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Short Messaging Service or SMS has grown in popularity and is being increasingly used as an advertising tool. SMS marketing allows the user to send bulk messages easily and quickly to various groups of people. Short Code Service A short code service is a form of SMS marketing, the basic function (read on...)

Small Business Mobile Marketing

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With more and more consumers searching for local businesses via their mobile devices, it has become a must that small business owners invest in SMS Marketing services. Having a mobile presence can be a huge competitive advantage for small businesses who seriously want to introduce local consumers (read on...)

The Hype in Digital Marketing

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There are a number of successful marketing tactics that tap into our mobile phone craze. Some of these tactics include mobile coupons, mobile videos, mobile display ads, branded smartphone apps, scannable codes and text message marketing. Text message marketing has become the number one most used (read on...)

Harnessing the Power of Bulk SMS Marketing

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Sometime last year, a cousin of mine came hurriedly claiming that a single missed call could help Anna Hazare in his anti-corruption drive. The idea was to garner enough support from the people so that they could pressurize the government to accept the Lokpall Bill. Having spent donkey’s (read on...)

SMS – An Effective Channel for Customer Feedback

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Customer feedback is an essential ingredient for creating and developing the services and offerings your clients want, enhancing the loyalty of customers and increasing the chance of word of mouth referrals. SMS marketing is often overlooked as an effective tool for soliciting customer feedback. (read on...)

SMS Text Message Marketing For Local Small Business – Case Study

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Let me ask you, have you received an SMS Text message from your hairdresser, dentist or favorite sporting club recently? Did it contain information which was helpful or you could benefit from such as an appointment reminder or a free offer/discount? Or did you have a similar experience to me and (read on...)

How Text Marketing Turns a Disadvantage Into an Opportunity

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If you’ve ever written a business plan, you might know what a SWOT analysis is. You lay out a diagram with the four following nouns and then list your business’s characteristics under each. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats When starting up or evaluating a business (read on...)

Reasons Why Businesses Engage in Mobile Marketing

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If you haven’t already heard, mobile marketing is quickly becoming one of the “go to” marketing strategies for businesses both small and large. It’s a trend that is tough to ignore, as more people have access to a mobile device or smart phone than they do a regular (read on...)