Marketing Ideas From a Leather Clad Vampire Hottie

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I have to tell you… there are worse ways to spend a Saturday night than sitting down with a bottle of wine and a bowl of ice-cream and watching a skin-tight-leather-clad Kate Beckinsale dealing death and destruction. I’m talking, of course, about Underworld 4, the latest film in the (read on...)

Facebook Ads: Small Business Ideas

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For small businesses, Facebook Ads have become a highly useful and efficient method of promoting their products and services on the web. Facebook Ads’ popularity has dramatically increased over the years, with surveys showing that over 20 percent of small businesses in the United States now (read on...)

Small Business Ideas That Really Work to Generate Income

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Starting your own small business can be challenging, but is also a fun and rewarding way to earn an income. You need to use some tried and true small business ideas to get your small business running smoothly and successfully. Marketing and Advertising Chances are good that you know the type of (read on...)

How to Find Simple, Profitable Small Business Ideas

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There are hundreds of small business ideas that you can use to earn money, but it can be challenging to find the ideas that will work for you.  There are dozens of things to consider before you start your own business, including your budget and your other responsibilities. Your Lifestyle Before (read on...)

How to Join a Chamber of Commerce

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The Five Steps to Joining a Chamber of Commerce Joining your local Chamber of Commerce heeds a number of benefits for any business looking to legitimize themselves. The purpose of a Chamber of Commerce is to aid local businesses by promoting them and offering their own useful resources. Aligning (read on...)

5 Essential Things You Need to Do to Improve Your Business

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There are actually various techniques and methods that will help supercharge your small business and reach that next stage. Some are conventional but extremely effective techniques while others are very high-risk yet present greater value for your dollar In general, here are some great tips that (read on...)

Ask For Their Absolute Best

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If we are going to make it at all in the coming year and decade it will depend on the level of dedication that we can elicit in the people that will work with us. We can’t make it alone and no matter how much effort and dedication we’ll be able to individually place in what we do, (read on...)

Do Business on YOUR Terms

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When you’re building your business, remember that you are the person in the driving seat. You are in control of what shape your business will take, what work you will do, and what work you won’t do. So many people are trying to build a business based on compromise. They base doing it (read on...)

Advertising Strategies For Small Businesses – 3 Effective Ways to Advertise Your Business

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A lot of big companies thrive on advertising because they have the budget to create one-of-a-kind and attention grabbing ads. But what about their smaller counterparts? Are there effective advertising strategies for small businesses? Have no fear. You don’t necessarily need a large budget (read on...)

Sales Strategies – Is Your Message Confusing and Costing You Sales?

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Most companies are not very good at explaining what they do in a simple format that is easily understandable. A good analogy is charades or humming.  Pick a song and then try humming it to a friend.  Sometimes the person can pick it up quickly, and sometimes the person can’t.  Unless (read on...)