Icons For Small Business Branding

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The KFC Colonel. Apple’s Apple. TD Bank’s Green Chair (for my Canadian friends). These are three different kinds of powerful icons that these big businesses use in their brands. Let’s examine how they’re using them and what they do for them – and see how we can use (read on...)

Profitable Small Business – Branding Gone Wild In Your Small Business

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Branding and advertising are two important components of a profitable small business. And yet these two components are a challenge to many small business owners. Do you know how to balance branding with the profit needs of your business? Many small business owners get stuck right here. Before you (read on...)

Marketing Lessons From The Voice: Belting Out Your Value Proposition

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Have you watched The Voice on Monday night TV? Play along with this reality talent show and you will participate in a fascinating experiment, because what you hear doesn’t always match your expectations. There are valuable lessons to take away from this self-test. Being a perpetual (read on...)

How to Make Small Business Branding Successful

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All the major companies spend a great deal of time and money working on creating brand recognition. Even if you do not run a large corporation, you can increase your business success through branding. As a small business owner, you can use some of the same methods the big companies use to get (read on...)

Make People Know About Your Business

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Taking care of your home or office based business can be challenging. It can also be expensive, which is why it is so crucial to ensure that you are gaining as many new clients as possible. This type of skill is commonly referred to as brand awareness. This can come in many forms such as social (read on...)

Why Branding Matters?

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Branding. One word that could essentially change the future of your company in as little as a couple of weeks. A branding plan is when you take your small business from a neighborhood success to something spectacular. Your brand will gain additional customers and further your sales in a way you (read on...)

Small Business Branding – 4 Mistakes to Avoid

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Small business branding comes with various challenges since small and medium sized companies often lack the required time, resources, funds and expertise to plan and carry out a successful branding exercise. This leaves a lot of entrepreneurs struggling with the brand building process and end up (read on...)

Is Your Branding Strategy Foolish? Well It Should Be!

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Ok, so your branding strategy is super important – It could potentially bring you billions of dollars worth of value. But what specific actions do winners take to get their names into the minds of men, women and children across the globe! If you are FOOLISH with your branding strategy you (read on...)

4 Tips on How to Effectively Conduct Small Business Branding

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Business branding is never an easy thing to do. Although it has become simpler because of the internet, you still need to work very hard if you want to see any results. It is also very time-consuming, not to mention the fact that it should be an ongoing process. You can’t say that (read on...)

Brand Personality

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Brand personality is the physical layout and location of the business. Adding personality to your business is the most important point, often ignored and misunderstood by many business owners. Imagine that you are visiting an office for the first time and you find an old style building in poor (read on...)

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