Three Signs of an Engaged Employee

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We have heard this several times: people are the best assets of any organization. This is why many companies have invested such a significant bulk of their resources to ensure that only the most qualified people are recruited and hired. But even with the best hires in tow, why do many (read on...)

The Skills Needed For Great Business Success

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There are multiple facets involved in making a company successful depending on how far the business owner wants to go with it. Some of these facets include a devotion to the business, a specific plan for the business, a good foundation for it, as well as capital. Having a solid education is very (read on...)

Are You Leading or Being Chased?

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Some people think that just because the people are behind them and going in the same direction that they must be an effective leader. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. Have you ever considered that they might just be chasing you? Good leaders do three things: set the direction, lead the (read on...)

Leadership and Management Training to Boost Your Business

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Good management and leadership are fundamental to the success of any business. Multi-national corporations and small local businesses alike rely upon their leaders qualities to motivate, manage, organise and achieve objectives. A simple way to improve these qualities in your executives, managers (read on...)

Are Sales People Athletes?

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Most articles and discussions relating to the business world at some point speak in terms of athletics. You often hear about team, goals, scoring and competition in these articles or discussions. This caused me to think, are salespeople just like athletes? The answer I came up with was YES! Here (read on...)

Assessing Management Teams

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Throughout the past year I’ve had the opportunity to attend a number of investment conferences where the panelists, looking down from the stage, give hopeful business owners advice on how to get their business funded. The routine is almost always the same at these events. Like Moses going (read on...)

Training Management Leadership Skills to New Supervisors

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Many people believe they have great communication and people skills, while others need to work on them. Whichever feeling you have about your skills, you should always attempt to understand each of the employees or team members individually when you are hired in a leadership role. Good (read on...)

Enhance Your Marketing Skills With Additional Training

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Trained and skilled individuals should always be hired in the marketing department for a successful business. Customers will not come in and use the services or buy the products if they do not know about them. Marketing is a career that requires a good deal of personality. Someone in this field (read on...)

Important Leadership Skills for Project Managers

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Excellent leadership and organizational skills are the two main ingredients to successfully seeing a project to its completion, the main goal and responsibility of a Project Manager in any business. These individuals have a lot on their plate; a lot of the business’ success will come down (read on...)

5 Characteristics That All IT Leaders Have

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Anyone can be placed in an IT leadership position; however, what kind of skills does it take to do a good job of being an IT leader? There are a lot of IT managers out there who would like to know the answer to that question. If you are one of them, then I’ve got good news for you – I (read on...)