Six Sigma Works At All Levels

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Six Sigma originated from a term that describes the percentage of products that are manufactured without defect. A Six Sigma process is designated by a percentage of 99.99999% of product manufactured without a single defect. Motorola described this percentage as “six sigma” and (read on...)

Don’t Be Afraid To Work With Your Competition

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Benchmarking is the practice of identifying companies with the best practices in a particular endeavor. Business managers usually study these companies and discern what makes them better. Subsequently, they plan and implement strategies that close the gap between the company’s performance (read on...)

Process Subterfuge – When Some Companies Just Go Through The Motions of True Process Improvement

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Over the past 20 years, I have seen many companies start projects to improve existing processes. In all cases, some sort of formal or informal process was already in place. Companies and their leaders embarked upon process improvement efforts with the hope of driving out process waste and (read on...)

Six Sigma Requires An Open Mind For Success

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An unsteady economic climate has made it necessary for businesses to find innovative ways to maintain their hold on an ever-changing market. Building and maintaining a reliable customer base has become increasingly difficult for a large number of companies. This is likely due to the fact that (read on...)

Differing Opinions Are Healthy For Discussion Of Improvement, But Not Big Fights

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To understand the value of allowing disagreement on teams, one must consider the reason the six sigma team was formed in the first place. The function of the team is to develop and implement changes that lead to improvement. By definition, a team consists of a number of individuals, meaning that (read on...)

A Tiered Management System That Just Makes Sense

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Winning is all that matters in the business world and the Six Sigma program can ensure a system that makes it possible for every level of any business to work together on a compatible basis. Everyone plays a certain role under the Six Sigma training and it makes it easy to make sure that everyone (read on...)

4 Steps CIOs Need To Take To Make Their Process Improvement Projects Successful

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Pity the poor CIOs who gets the idea that what his IT department needs to do this year is to implement a process improvement project. It’s not that these types of projects are a bad thing to do, it’s just that all too often they don’t actually work out. Well, that was before we (read on...)

On A Resume, Keep It Short And Simple

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When it comes to applying for a job, there is only one way to go about it and that is to start with a resume, your introduction to your potential employer. The resume will make or break your chances since the person doing the hiring likely has no idea who you are and will decide on whether or not (read on...)

Advantages Of Six Sigma And Change Management

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With today’s economic climate businesses are finding themselves searching for innovated ways to keep their grasp on the always changing market. It has become difficult for businesses to crate a reliable relationship with their consumers and once this relationship is created it becomes even (read on...)

Using Six Sigma To Increase Efficiency In Call Centers

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Professionals who work in management try to find the best ways to increase the performance, quality, and overall procedures of their companies. This is also true of call center managers. These managers will bring Six Sigma professionals to their locations to see if they can improve on the overall (read on...)

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