Four Steps To Mobile Marketing

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There is no other medium in our lives that is quite literally always on and always with us like our mobile device. Many of us will spend more time in e-mail, text connections and social media from our phones than we will talking on it. Yet, interest in mobile marketing remains low, per the (read on...)

Know Your Short Codes

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From reality TV to FMCG product promotions, everyone is now using short codes and turning them into effective promotional campaigns which help meet their business and marketing needs. Typically, you may have noticed television shows urging you to send out a special SMS to a specific number to (read on...)

Basics of SMS Marketing

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Right now, mobile marketing and advertising means offering product or service for the recent as well as the potential customers with the aid of any cell gadget or even a community. Rather than this specific, text messages with regard to marketing and advertising and also campaign of products and (read on...)

Mobile Marketing: Easy Response Through Mobile Marketing

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Marketing has its own importance in the field of business. It is not possible to reach out to the potential customers and to the public media without marketing. You will be able to scale higher heights through proper and efficient marketing. There are many type of marketing and the latest trend (read on...)

Pocket Promos – Emerging Trend In Marketing

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Marketing is very essential for every industry to flourish. There are many types of marketing techniques applied by the companies in order to gain in their business. These techniques vary with the advancement in technology. The present era is totally dependent on mobile phones. Marketing (read on...)

An Insight Into Mobile Marketing

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The time when mobile phones were considered as a luxury is fast vanishing. These days anyone will be able to invest on a mobile phone because the manufacturers have lowered the cost prices of their phones. It is quite common to come across people carrying two to three mobile phones. The trend is (read on...)

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

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It is understandable that you should cut back on or drastically reduce your conventional marketing (which includes print and television campaigns) budget these days, particularly because of the financial turmoil that is gripping the world. However, there is really no reason why you should not (read on...)

Types of Mobile Marketing Services

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In a time when a lot of people are spending less and less money shopping, it is only wise to find a marketing campaign that is cost effective and efficient in reaching your potential customers. Mobile marketing is the solution that you might be looking for. In fact, a lot of retail companies are (read on...)