Top 3 Reasons Why People Don’t Close the Sale

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When you’re in sales, what is your desired outcome? Is it to make a certain amount of sale calls? Perhaps it’s establishing and keeping rapport throughout the encounter? or maybe it’s to build trust and strong client relationships? All of those goals mentioned are important but (read on...)

Extreme Time Management

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I had an opportunity to visit with a close friend who let me sit in and learn his revolutionary time management philosophy. Although the methods are a bit extreme, there is no doubting the results. Below are my notes from my time spent with Capital Supply at their regional conference in Orlando (read on...)

Why Aren’t You Selling As Much As You Should?

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If you are like most companies, your sales conversation starts in one of two ways: a detailed PowerPoint laundry list of your features and benefits or you look at them and ask “What keeps you awake at night?” In either case, you are putting yourself behind the eight ball right from (read on...)

Five Proven Sales Tips to Manage Objections

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Many sales have been lost because a sales representative did not know how respond to a prospect’s first objection. The sales representative may either: allow the objection to stand with a “thank you” and a sincere statement of follow-up, or put the potential customer on the (read on...)

Planning For The Unplanned In Sales Pitches

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“Thank you for allowing me to present to you today!” “No problem. Incidentally, could you do it in 10 minutes instead of 45? Oh, and we don’t have a projector.”   Sales calls rarely go according to plan. The room isn’t what you imagined. The person you (read on...)

Add On Sales

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The secret to making more add on sales is all about the timing and product knowledge. This can only happen with experience and training. There are really no shortcuts. However, once you’ve been through it, and practiced a few times, it will start to come easy. Once a customer has made the (read on...)

Differentiation: Killing It in Killer Competition

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How do you keep it ill? Whether you’re on the dance floor or building the next billion dollar biz. Differentiation is the key. So what is it? Differentiation is the edge that makes you stand out from the crowd. Its the one thing you’ve got (or claim you got) that no one else (read on...)

Planning a Road-Show? Take These Tips on Tour

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Road Shows are just sales calls in which your customers come to you. With such an opportunity, it’s best to get it right. You needn’t sledgehammer your audiences into a coma with a plague of PowerPoint slides and there’s no reason to display a thousand and one fussy charts and (read on...)

Email Marketing Secrets: How to Dramatically Increase Sales With Highly Persuasive Emails

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1. Brainstorm your Best Ideas I love to use mind mapping software for this job but you can just as easily get a pen and paper to get the same results. I want you to put a clock or timer on your desk and give yourself 15 minutes to write down all the reasons why someone should buy from you. Write (read on...)

The Perils Of Voice Mail

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It’s a new world. Twenty years ago if you left a message for a customer or prospect requesting a return call regarding discussing your services and benefits for them, you would have had a better than average chance of having your call returned. Flash forward twenty years. In an average week (read on...)

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