FAQ When Selling a Business

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Q. How is a Business Broker different from a Real Estate Agent? A. Real estate agents do a fantastic job at selling properties but don’t generally have the training, knowledge, expertise or skills required to negotiate and fully understand the financial and legal aspects of selling (read on...)

7 Ways to Exit Your Business – Choose One

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There are several ways one may exit their business. Business Owners may want to exit a business they have owned for decades just because they just no longer have an interest. Or a small business owner may “get out of their business” after a short period of time of just owning it a (read on...)

Why Are Today’s Business Owners Turning Down Their Best Offers?

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‘Holding Out’ can be a very successful negotiating technique, but when it comes to business sales, if you’re not careful, it could cost you more than just your hottest leads. Six Months ago, I was approached by a client who wanted to sell her business. After the necessary (read on...)

Understanding Trends That Could Impact Your Business

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Looking at developing trends can help you position your business for sale at the right time and at a higher price. As a futurist, I help you think about how the world is changing and how that can impact on your business and the sale of your business. When co-founded the world’s first online (read on...)

Running Your Business When Disaster Strikes

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Running a small business is full of daily challenges. The problems small business incur are both large and small. Businesses are not run within a vacuum. Sometime as business owner we create our own problems. Other times problems immerse themselves upon the business at no apparent doing of the (read on...)

Seven Ways to Sell – It Depends on Your Objective

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1. Top price at all costs The objective is clear, just like the submarine commander who said, “Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.” Whether it is a public company divesting a subsidy or a private owner, regardless if the plant is moved and the employees are dismissed, the top price (read on...)

Quality Control – The Importance of Maintaining Normality Whilst Selling a Business

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In my experience, most people have come to the decision to sell their business because they or the business that they are running has reached a point where it is no longer viable for them to be involved. Now these reasons can be completely acceptable and in many cases, unfortunate but as a seller (read on...)

Achieving Your Objectives When Selling

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As a seller, the enjoyable part of selling may be in the talks with buyers, but the most important work in selling businesses comes first… preparation. Do not start looking for buyers until you have completed the preparation; otherwise a successful sale could be in doubt. Key elements of (read on...)

Value of a Declining Business

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The US economy was especially hard on local small businesses in 2009. Most saw sales (and the corresponding value of their business) fall dramatically. But in every economy, there are companies whose better days are behind them. This can be due to a mature product line, holding too much corporate (read on...)

Ideas For Successfully Selling a Small Business This Year

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A plan for selling a small business in 2010 should be tempered with a reality check about how the marketplace is different since the mortgage and credit problems. Just 20 months ago companies had strong profits to support their high sales prices, and there was purchase money available from (read on...)