The Invisibility of Introversion

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One of the phrases heard often from Introverts is that they feel invisible in group situations, especially those with a number of extroverts present! In a society that tends to recognise and reward extroverted behaviour as the ‘better’ option, is it any wonder that introverts can be (read on...)

The Marketing Game: How to Promote and Stand Out On Your Own or With Others

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Marketing. Promotion. These can be complex things, but breaking it down to the lowest common denominator goes a long way in determination of the best way to master this facet of business and success. Nothing can succeed without getting a name out there. When my book was published, I was surprised (read on...)

Personal Branding, Authenticity and Truth for Introverts

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Not far from my home in rural Western Massachusetts, you can enjoy brunch on weekends at a farmhouse cafe constructed of straw bales. On one wall, Strawbale Cafe sports what it calls a “truth window”: Pull open the window shutters to see for yourself that the walls of the building (read on...)

Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Creative Business

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Chances are, you probably already have one or two of these different things that you are doing to promote your business. However, are you doing all of them? Just doing one extra thing on this list could mean dozens or even hundreds of potential clients. What are you waiting for? #1 – A (read on...)

The Introvert’s Guide to Marketing With Video

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The other day while watching a training video created by another marketer, I missed the whole beginning of the program. The guy stood facing the camera, lecturing in a friendly manner and gesturing smoothly at some props behind him. I couldn’t take in his words because my mind was shouting, (read on...)

10 Secrets for Free Media Placement

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Why pay a high priced PR agent when you can get free media placement to promote your product, service, or book? Follow these top ten tips for 2005 and it willbe your most profitable year yet! 1. Write an attention grabbing headline. Realize that your headline must immediately“hook” a (read on...)

Have You Memorized An Elevator Speech?

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Or have you ever even heard of an elevator speech? It’s the short and sweet explanation of what you do for a living that you give when someone asks. And… it is your carefully thought out self-promotion. It’s called an elevator speech because it should be short enough to say (read on...)

Management Tips – Recognition – 2

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I will be presenting a series of articles relating examples that influenced my career during my 40 plus years in management. Some helped my career some were setbacks. While all may not be relevant to you, my hope is that they may spark an idea that will lead to advancement in your career or help (read on...)

Are You the Best-Kept Hidden Secret?

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I know that you are really passionate. You are REALLY good at what you do. You deliver products and services to others to help them overcome challenges or improve their life. My sense is, you know somewhere deep within that you’re here to make a profound difference in this world. However, I (read on...)

Want More Testimonials? Ask For Them!

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Asking for testimonials is a task most people prefer to avoid – yet it’s testimonials that lend credibility to our promises and show potential clients that we’re good at what we do. So, you need to gather up your courage and ask. The best time is when you’ve completed a (read on...)