Top 3 Sponsorships for Your Business

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Did you know there is great value in having your business be a sponsor? In Marketing For Business I covered one way to use your business cards outside of what you may have normally practiced. In this edition of Marketing For Business I’ll cover another form of marketing that could have a (read on...)

Promotional Pens Are Used to Deter Workplace Thefts

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Promotional pens are often used to deter negative equipment theft around schools, within business workplaces, and during public events. Writing instruments will be branded with an appropriate business message so that if they are stolen by accident or on purpose, the acquired pen will become a (read on...)

Any "No Go" Workplaces For Bullies?

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This article seeks to explain where does bullying occurs. It is practiced in schools and colleges, personnel staff, civil servants, ministers of religion, union employees, managing directors, shop assistants – there are few areas of employment that are exempt. Two factors explain why this (read on...)