How to Write an Advertising or Marketing Proposal

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Do you specialize in developing marketing plans for products? Or perhaps you’re a graphic design expert who works in the field of advertising. Or maybe you sell ads on radio or television. Whether you specialize in advertising or in the larger world of marketing in general, you know that (read on...)

Your Name In Rice

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I’d like to share with you the story of how I proposed to my wife. This true story has a lot to do with making the sale through memorable customer service. To understand the story, you must first realize that my then-girlfriend worked one weekend a month. There just happened to be a big (read on...)

Designing Your Business Card With the Help of a Business Card Sample

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To succeed in any business, marketing is the vital component. However, this important aspect starts with you. You have to market yourself first since your impression will be a picture of how your business is run. This being the case, it’s important that you invest in attractive, colorful (read on...)

4 Things Every Small Business Flyer Must Include

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When you design and print your small business flyer, you want to do so with the utmost confidence that you are putting the best flyers out there. Here’s how you can be sure your flyer printing campaign will sizzle, not fizzle. The 4 things every small business flyer must include: Include (read on...)

Create Color Brochures That Customers Will Love!

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Full color brochures are a great way of reaching out to your target audience and expanding your customer base. We see brochures advertising everything from services, products, events and more – in fact, we rely on them to provide us with the information we need before making purchasing (read on...)

Audit Sample and Sampling Risk

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Whenever a sampling approach is used (as opposed to testing an entire population) sampling risk is introduced. Sampling risk arises from the possibility that the conclusions that the auditor draws from testing the audit sample may be different from the conclusions that they would draw if the (read on...)

Color Flyer Printing For Restaurant Advertising

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If your restaurant is currently trying to save money by only purchasing black and white printing services – you may already be noticing that your customer response is extremely low. As a quality restaurant you need to be able to show off your amazing food and tasteful dishes to the public (read on...)