Is It Policy or Fallacy in Your Hair Salon or Spa?

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Here’s a story that got me thinking and if I do say so myself, more than a little riled up, I recently received a letter from an overseas bank… it was to do with the purchase of some land that I am involved in with one of my business partners – but that’s not important (read on...)

Are You Being Paid What You Are Worth As a Salon Owner?

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In this article I ask you to take a long hard look at your position as a salon owner, and to ask, “Is it really worth it?” if you are not making the money you thought you would. I talk to many salon owners and the truth of the matter is that some of them would be better off working (read on...)

Worldwide Salon Marketing: Low To No Cost Plan

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Low To No Cost Worldwide Salon Marketing Plan To have a low to no cost marketing plan you need an ultimate worldwide salon marketing plan to guide your everyday hair salon business journey. This guide gives salon owners the proven marketing tools, strategies and coaching guides to double and (read on...)

Discover the Solution to Keeping Your Clients When a Stylist Leaves the Salon

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Many salon owners are afraid of their stylists moving on to the salon up the road or around the corner and taking all their clients with them, it raises the age-old debate over just who the client belongs to. For a start, if the stylist brings some clients with them when they arrive, then they (read on...)

Promotional Ideas For Salon Owners

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Salon business is a part of every people’s vanity. Most of us, specifically women would like to look beautiful every time. With the surfacing of beauty salons and barber shops, competition is very obvious. So how a salon can survive the combat of the finest? Well, there is a countless (read on...)

Tough Love Sermon For Salon Owners

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If you are like so many of my clients you are frustrated with people who just don’t get it, don’t do what you tell them to do and don’t make the changes you incorporate. You feel it is hopeless and you are ready to stop trying because no matter how hard you work on the business (read on...)

How to Hire Good Employees

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The most common mistakes salon owners make when starting out in business is they think to be successful they need a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians and the business will take care of itself. Unfortunately they are motivated by what a technician can bring monetarily and the hope (read on...)

Tips to Get Your Front Desk Building Business

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Sure it’s nice to have someone at the front desk to check the clients in when they arrive, check them out when they leave and answer the phone but if that’s all your front desk staff are doing you are losing an enormous amount of potential. Too often front desk staff are not given any (read on...)