Hair Salon Software – Manage Your Business Effectively

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How do you hold your own in today’s cut throat competitive business scenario? The answer is technology- advanced technology! If you are involved in a hair salon business, you can boost it by using the Salon management software. Computerise your salon and manage your business effectively. (read on...)

Do You Need More From Your Salon POS?

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Have you got a POS system in your salon that is no more than a glorified cash register? If you are managing a salon but you want to be better than the rest then it is essential to have all the correct tools. You probably have all the equipment that you need to cut and style hair and a great (read on...)

Are You Looking For a New Salon POS Package?

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If you are looking for a new Salon POS system then you really need a good salon software package. There is little point in getting a computerised cash register when you could get a system that can make your salon more profitable. With a salon software system you will not only get a full POS (read on...)

Nail Salon Management

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One of the biggest challenges to a nail salon manager is to make the salon efficient and smooth running. In truth, the person in charge is usually the owner or the top beautician (or both), not a bookkeeper or computer whiz. Of course, you need all the equipment, a nail bar, comfortable seating, (read on...)

Vinyl Banners For Advertising

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Whether it’s advertising your business or celebrating an event, vinyl banners are a great idea! There are some very reasonably priced banners which would make an event look the ‘bees knees’. Instead of wasting money on the kind of cheap banners you get in card shops you could (read on...)