How to Make Your Salon Business Cards a Cut Above the Rest

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Marketing your salon when there’s so much competition can be hard, especially since a new salon business pops up every other day around the corner and tries to make themselves known. However, there are some excellent marketing techniques that won’t cost you a lot of money to use, and (read on...)

How To Advertise As A Cosmetologist

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Like any other hair salon business, you will need to learn certain proven strategies on how to advertise as a cosmetologist for your clients. You can choose to run your business as a one-stop shop salon or niche salon. Creating a one-stop shop salon requires you to provide various salon (read on...)

How To Market A Salon

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The salon business is a people’s business, and how we perform and interact with our clients has a direct effect on how they feel about themselves. We don’t sell televisions or bedroom furniture! We are in the long game and our salon marketing strategies should mirror the environment (read on...)

Facebook for Nail Technicians – How and Why

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Many Nail Techs are using Facebook now as a part of their overall marketing strategy and are doing it quite effectively. There are however still many that are just not quite there yet in regards to using this social media platform correctly and for their best results. I want to give you some (read on...)

How to Advertise Your Beauty Salon Like a Pro

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Advertising is not for professionals alone. If you have a business to promote, like a salon for example, you do not really have to ask an advertising expert to create a scheme for you. As long as you have a creative mind and as long as you know how to play your cards right, then you can by all (read on...)

Promotional Ideas For Salon Owners

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Salon business is a part of every people’s vanity. Most of us, specifically women would like to look beautiful every time. With the surfacing of beauty salons and barber shops, competition is very obvious. So how a salon can survive the combat of the finest? Well, there is a countless (read on...)

The Secret to a Full Appointment Book For Salons and Spas

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Have you ever wondered why some salons and spas seem to enjoy an endless flood of customers pouring into their business, while others seem to struggle to fill their appointment books? What is the secret of these successful salon and spa owners? Answer – They make the time to market their (read on...)

Leadership For Salon Owners

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Being the salon owner you have probably already filled each and every position in your company at one time or another but have you filled the job description of leader? What does that mean exactly and doesn’t owning the salon ultimately make you the leader? Being the leader means that you (read on...)

The Fastest Route to Maximum Salon and Spa Profits

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Now, what you need to know… You need to know your cost per lead (how much it costs to generate someone interested in your salon/spa) from EACH source you use (e.g. newspapers, web, postcards etc), your client VALUE per source, your retention rate per source, and every other meaningful (read on...)

Can Your Salon Or Spa Survive 2009?

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Back in the 1940’s right through to the 1960’s, there was an awful lot of adult ‘fun’ happening. More babies were born than ever in our history. Over the last 50 odd years that enormous population ‘bubble’ has been growing up and sliding towards us like a giant (read on...)