Improving Sales Ability

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There is something that all businesses have in common, that is the fact that they are in business to make sales. Of course, the type of sales that they make is going to differ from one business to another. Some are, in essence, going to be selling themselves as is the case with cleaning companies (read on...)

Get To Know The Essential Basics Of Salesmanship

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What is Salesmanship? Basically, it is a personal action or effort coming from a person which is intended to bring forth the sale of the goods for sale. To make it simple, it is the art of selling something to the other person and everything that will greatly contribute to the consummation of (read on...)

5 Essential Topics for a Winning Sales Proposal

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A sales proposal is your persuasive argument as to why the client must choose you now to solve their problem. Proposals need to be positively articulated with a sense of urgency and demonstrate how the client wins. Sales people and consultants often neglect the most important part of a sales (read on...)

What the NFL Can Teach You About Your Inside Sales Team

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Every so often, a person comes along who changes their field of study in a major way. Louis Pasteur changed the world of medicine with his introduction of the germ theory. Thomas Edison changed our world through the use of electricity. Albert Einstein changed modern physics. Steve Jobs changed (read on...)

6 Things to Re-Generate Our Business Now

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It seems lately we are hearing some promising, albeit limiting news about our economic situation. Whether that’s true or not we still have to move ahead. This is a wonderful opportunity to do things differently. Take a real look at your business model. Are you doing things the same as you (read on...)

Connect With the Right People and You Will Dramatically Increase Your Sales

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It is a well-known fact that people buy from people they know, like and trust. So if you have a desire to increase your sales, then you need to stop sitting with your feet braced firmly against the table, with a desperate look on your face trying to sell your products or services. Instead you (read on...)

5 Ways to Earn a Prospect’s Trust and Respect

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Earning a prospect or customer’s respect is something that top sales people consistently manage to achieve. But earning that respect can be difficult and is challenging for many sales people. However, when you achieve that goal, the likelihood of capturing a sale from that prospect (read on...)

7 Lies Sales People Tell Themselves

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Do you lie to yourself? You may not think so but I suggest that you probably do. Here’s what I mean… #1: “I could reach my quota if my company lowered their prices.” If I had a nickel for every time I heard this… While price is a factor in every sale, it is seldom (read on...)

Thoughts On Designing An Induction Programme For A Salesperson’s Very First Day At Work

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A salesperson’s initial working day is, arguably, the most crucial. Paul Green, an expert in motivation and sales management issues, says that at the conclusion of the very first day when the new salesperson goes home and talks to their husband or wife with regards to their first (read on...)

4 Ways to Reduce Your Cold Calling

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Many sales books and training courses promise to help you reduce or eliminate the need for you to make any cold calls. They usually recommend that you try doing four things: Do lots of research and call it something besides a ‘cold call’. Some sales gurus believe that if you do a lot (read on...)