Sales – Are You Up For the Challenge?

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A recent automated response caught my attention. “I am lazy.” This individual who was in marketing his business, crafted a message within his automated response to justify the automated message. What is even more incredible he was not selling hammocks, mattresses or any product or (read on...)

5 Common Misbehaving Sales Behaviors Keeping You From Your Goal to Increase Sales

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Are the most common and simplest behaviors (think sales skills) costing you business because of how people perceive those behaviors? Maybe it is time to check out if these behaviors are costing you sales not to mention a lot of negative talk behind your back. #1 – Lack of Punctuality (read on...)

To Increase Sales You Must Separate the What From the How

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Sales professionals are asked at least once if not 10 times a day, What do you do? Unfortunately, far too many share the how and not the what. Are you one of them? Just yesterday at a formal business networking group, Indiana Business Network, I listened to 13 of the 15 people present share the (read on...)

How You May Be Losing Sales Because You Are Pushing Your Prospects Instead of Letting Them Pull You

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Many selling professionals work on honing their sales skills such as: Fact Finding Asking open-ended questions Separating stalls from objections Delivering a dynamic presentation Earning the commitment (what others call closing) Through out this process, these fine folks are probably doing a (read on...)

Are You One of Those Coaches Who Engage in Overkill?

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Many business coaches to sales coaches work with small business owners because there are more of these target markets (flies) than the multi million to multi billion dollar organizations (elephants). In attempting to secure this target market, these same coaches appear to use the elephant gun as (read on...)

Two Amazingly Simple Actions to Increase Sales

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Probably, the least used actions within the sales skills of most sales people are these two. Even with all the articles, the books on improving sales expertise, far too many sales professional still fail to master these two critical sales skills. Before I share with you these amazingly simple (read on...)

Leverage Your Business Lunches to Maximize Your Sales Results

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Do you need to meet potential customers (a.k.a. prospects), potential qualified clients, colleagues, current customers, vendors, or strategic partners for lunch?  Is your goal to get in and out?  As a sales professional, do you arrive a little earlier or a little late to avoid the noon hour (read on...)

Coaches – Do Your Sales Skills and Behaviors Adversely Affect Your Goal to Increase Sales?

February 25, 2009 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Sales 

Does your coaching practice need to increase sales? Have you consider how your sales skills and the respective behaviors as a coach are directly tied to your ability to achieve this goal? Here are two (2) quick case studies that demonstrate this statement. Scenario One Imagine you are at your (read on...)

Top 7 Sales Skills to Increase Sales in 2009 Regardless of the Economy

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Being a top sales producer extends beyond your technical sales skills into your personal or self leadership skills. You must have knowledge of the results from your marketing and selling actions along with incredible self leadership skills. These seven sales skills can potentially deliver far (read on...)

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