Reform for Sales Success

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We don’t typically use political jargon when referring to sales. Yet, aren’t politicians always selling? They are either selling us, as voters, or they are selling other politicians on their ideas and programs. As I read Decision Points- The Presidential Memoir of George W. Bush, I (read on...)

Sales 101 – Probing

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Do you want to increase your sales and add to your company’s revenue? Of course you do (that is probably the main reason you became a sales professional to begin with). Keep in mind, you can’t make someone buy something they don’t want (even though that seems to be the universal (read on...)

Patience – The Secret Tool For Sales Success

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I just finished reading for the fourth time one of my favorite books, The Power of Patience by Ryan, and as I was reading, it struck me how important this trait is in selling. Why patience you might ask. Selling is about action, taking charge, pushing, prodding and not taking no or maybe for an (read on...)

Supercharge Your Sales Results With Winning Proposals

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One simple way to dramatically increase your probability of closing your strategic deals, is to make sure that your proposals illustrate the true value of the product you are offering to your customer. Often times, salespeople do not invest enough time to prepare professional looking and (read on...)

Are You Playing The Wait And See Game?

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If I hear one more time, “I’ll just have to wait and see how this potential sale goes”, from someone who says they are a professional salesperson, regardless of the industry they are in, I think I will just have to scream out loud – YOU JUST DON’T GET IT. Selling (read on...)

Five Mindsets That Sabotage Your Sales Result

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If you have been selling for more than a few months I’m sure you have made a few mistakes and lost business as a result. I could go on for pages about all of the common sales mistakes that are made every day by well meaning salespeople. In general most of these common mistakes fall into (read on...)

How to Increase Your Selling Skills and Techniques

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Have you ever experienced those days when sales feels like the worst profession in the world? Well we’ve probably all had at least a few of those days, and a lot of this derives from the fact that so much of selling is in the mind and in our mental approach. I can still remember those (read on...)

Rules for Selling Success

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Many sales folks think they have heard it all, seen it all, and know it all. But the Sales Pro knows better. Here are a few lines to remember when your sales results are not what you expect. Return to using these Selling Secrets and watch your sales grow and your tension flow — away. Pull (read on...)

The Fourth Quarter Sales Push

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Every client organization that I have ever worked with had a “Fourth Quarter Push” agenda and approach to maintaining or improving sales results. There are a few questions I would like to pose if this is your strategic approach or corporate sales culture. First; is this your (read on...)

Is This One Question Worth $1,000,000 to You?

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Here’s a question that has the power to keep business owners, advertisers, and marketers awake at night. It’s a debate that will stand the test of time as consumers become more educated, and skeptical of marketing messages. With the constant bombardment of images, sounds, products, (read on...)