Overcoming Obstacles in Sales

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There’s an anonymous quote that says, “The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them.” I love this quote because it helps to change the way we view opposition. What I find fascinating is that everyone in sales knows that resistance is (read on...)

Coaching a Sales Professional on Strategizing

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Coaching a sales professional requires a lot of strategy because everybody has different skill sets, personalities and experiences. So, a coach can’t approach every client the same way, if the coach hopes to see each sales professional reach success in ways that make sense for him/her (read on...)

How to Close the Sale: 4 Steps to Success

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The key question in closing the sale is: How can I help my customer make appropriate decisions to address his or her needs and priorities? You do that by presenting or demonstrating product benefits, providing appropriate product or financing options, guiding the customer to understanding the (read on...)

3 Powerful Steps to Close the Sale

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Effectively selling and closing is more of a process than a single influencing act. That’s why many sales professionals aren’t good at it. It begins before the initial customer discussion or meeting, continues during the needs identification step, and necessitates superb follow-up (read on...)

Top Sales Pro Strategies That Work: Balance Commitment Levels

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Have you ever invested too much time in a sale? We’ve all been there – it seemed as though it was the only deal in the world or at least judging by the time and energy you committed to it you would think that it was the deal of the century. You jump through hoops for the prospect (read on...)

3 Rookie Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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In every profession, experience separates the “rookies” from the “pros.” Rookies have little or no experience, and consequently often make basic mistakes that would not be made by a seasoned professional. For sales professionals, this means fewer customers, lost revenue, (read on...)

4 Rules For Ultimate Sales Success

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What’s the one word sales professionals try to never, ever say? This single word unlocks all of the 4 cardinal rules to achieve ultimate sales success. Find out here… In my sales presentation trainings, a lot of people want a script. The reason? They want to know what really works in (read on...)

4 Ways to KNOW Your Customer: How Effective Planning Guarantees Higher Sales

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The sales industry is a tough one to crack and even tougher to stay at the top. To maintain your hold against your competitors it is important to stay fresh, learn new techniques and employ regular research and analysis. Without this you will stagnate and stand still. Many sales people become far (read on...)

Rules to Become a Sales Superstar

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Sales tips any level of business development professional can utilize if they can live with sitting on the bench in a few years. There are certain “sales boundaries” that separate the average business development professional from the future executive level sales professional who (read on...)

Sales Professionalism

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We have all probably heard this analogy once in our lives -asking questions and probing for information in the sales call is much like a doctor’s examination. There is a nice correlation between the way in which our medical professionals go through the learning process to understand the (read on...)