Fortress Buying – Why Won’t Buyers Let You In?

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More and more professional buyers are adopting a ‘fortress mindset’ in their approach to dealing with sellers. In short, they have erected defenses that are designed to keep sellers at bay. In this article, we examine how you can encourage buyers to lower their defenses. Buyers have (read on...)

Sales Success: Prospecting

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Prospecting is the sales related activity where you are engaged in seeking and finding new potential customers. The sales process can be broken into Prospecting, Getting the Appointment, Build the Sale and Close the Sale. In this article the focus is on Prospecting. At each stage of the selling (read on...)

Selling And The Four Agreements

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Before I get started, if you have never read the best selling book, The Four Agreements by M. Ruiz, I urge you to buy it today and spend the next few days devouring his very wise counsel. To this day out of all of the books I have read this is still one of my favorites. So what do the four (read on...)

Understanding and Handling Objections Part 1

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Handling objections is what selling is all about. Without objections you have no direction and cannot close. It is quite normal for customers to have concerns about making the buying decision. These concerns are presented in the form of an objection. Don’t let objections dampen your (read on...)

Introduction to Selling – In a Retail Environment

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Introductionto Sales The ability to successfully sell products and services to customers is very important to any business. Without sales no business can survive. So it is important to make the most of every sales opportunity and there is an art to doing this well. Selling products and services (read on...)

Ten Tasks A Mobile Sales Rep Can Improve With the New iPad

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We are firmly in the post-PC era – Apple sold more iPads in 4Q 2011 than any manufacturer sold notebooks. Apple is dominating the tablet market, although Android is gaining a little bit of ground. Many consumers have moved on to their second or third iPad while very few are on their second (read on...)

And Your Biggest Sales Challenge Today Is?

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Whether you have been in a sales career for a short time or you are an established veteran with many years of experience I’ll guarantee that every day you face some kind of challenge. The question is simply – are you facing the same challenge each time or do they vary depending on the (read on...)

The 5 Stages of the Buying Process

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When developing your sales strategies for your products and services it is important to understand the 5 stages of the buying process. When you understand these five stages it allows you to ask potential customers questions and then you can qualify your prospects based off of where they are in (read on...)

7 Sales Strategies to Close More Business and Get More Clients

May 1, 2012 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Sales 

Whether you are a booming business or a start up, you need to know how to close more leads. This fundamental of business growth will allow you to control your own destiny in business and should be the foundation for you as you build your empire. Master this area of business and you will sleep (read on...)

How to Make a Sales Paradigm Shift That Makes You and Your Company More Money

April 26, 2012 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Sales 

Are you a sales manager who spends most of your time with your hunter business developers and little or no time with your farmer account managers? Are you a salesperson who wears both hats, the hunter hat and the farmer hat, and find it difficult to be effective in both roles? Are you a full-time (read on...)

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