Presentations and Branding

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Many sales professionals find themselves asking, “To present..or not to present?” The answer of course is going to depend on how you want to depict your business. Making sure that your brand is represented well is key to gaining the confidence of your client. So back to the question (read on...)

Three Stages of a Failed Sales Pitch

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The best sales people perfect their sales pitch. They do this over time in order to build a system that works. Following the system during your sales pitch means you can apply it over and over to yield positive results. While certain products require complicated sales processes, some basic stages (read on...)

Sales: What Is A Key Closing Question?

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“Does this make sense to you?” If you ask this question to your clients in a sales presentation, you will have success in closing. You must remember a key principal in personal selling. People buy things, they are not sold. People buy things because those things make sense to be (read on...)

Get More Sales – Be Knowledgeable

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No matter what you are selling, the level of knowledge you are actually able to demonstrate effectively is an important component of sales success. This is true for a number of reasons. For starters, having the knowledge you need about your product or service at your fingertips gives you more (read on...)

Marketing Against the Real Competition – Dealing With the Inconvenient Truth

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Al Gore and Upton Sinclair spotted it: we ignore those facts that make us uncomfortable. Gore’s compelling documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” left most of us nodding sagely and promising to do better by our planet. But we still leave the TV on standby and drive to the (read on...)

The Truth About Sales Presenting

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Far too often a generic sales presentation is the be-all and end-all for a busy sales team. A single presentation is supposed to work in any situation for any audience. But, let’s face it… does this really work? How can one sales presentation do the heavy lifting for every situation (read on...)

What’s The Story With Sales Storyboards?

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In the last couple years, you’ve been hearing this word more often. Storyboard your sales presentation. Storyboard your video. Storyboard your whiteboard. Storyboard your sales pitch. Hey, everyone is talking about it… What’s the story? First, let’s clear up the (read on...)

The Secret To Unlock Easier and Faster Sales

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Recognize the big fears and daunting problems your audience faces. Address these audience fears head on…if you want to move people into action. Learn the secret key to unlock bigger, easier and faster sales. You know your product and service inside and out. You already are deeply familiar (read on...)

Is Your Sales Presentation In Danger? 5 Top Tips Of Sales Communication Training

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Countdown to a big client pitch? Are you struggling to get organized, focus on benefits and answer tough questions? Learn 5 top tips to be a super star sales communicator. If you’ve ever faced an important client presentation with increasing anxiety, there is an alternative. Sales (read on...)

Don’t Miss Out On The Whiteboard Sales Presenting Craze

August 18, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Sales 

Whiteboard presentations for selling are rocking the business world. Audiences expect to be simultaneously engaged, entertained and excited. Are you using all of these 7 opportunities to get ahead? If you are selling a terrific solution but settling for less than this, step back and ask: why (read on...)

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