Planning For The Unplanned In Sales Pitches

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“Thank you for allowing me to present to you today!” “No problem. Incidentally, could you do it in 10 minutes instead of 45? Oh, and we don’t have a projector.”   Sales calls rarely go according to plan. The room isn’t what you imagined. The person you (read on...)

How to Pitch Your Customers for Success

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It seems that everybody at one time or another has met someone who might be described as a “naturally born” salesperson. As human beings, we tend to stereotype people in our minds and label them as having an ability which is unique to that individual. But the reality about sales and (read on...)

Crucial Documents in a Sales Pitch

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Sales does not have to be a strictly yes or strictly no proposition. Many times a prospect will tell you they “want to think about it.” Most salesman regard this as a kiss of death. But it doesn’t have to be. If you could go home with the prospect you could keep on selling (read on...)

Sales 101 – Probing

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Do you want to increase your sales and add to your company’s revenue? Of course you do (that is probably the main reason you became a sales professional to begin with). Keep in mind, you can’t make someone buy something they don’t want (even though that seems to be the universal (read on...)

Fifteen Hot Tips to Increase Your Sales – Fast!

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In order to increase sales, you must remember the basics of this great profession. Depending on which books you read or which sales process you apply various sales gurus will preach entirely different basics. Some of them are so complicated that you have to study and practice them for decades. If (read on...)

Creating Objections – Beware of Knowledge

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In order to increase sales, you must captivate your customers and convince them to buy from you. How many sales do you think you lose because you created most of the objections? Objections come about when customers lack information or have too much information. Your level of experience, curiosity (read on...)

A Proactive Sales Plan

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Sales people have been taught to utilize new selling techniques and tactics. Tactics to help them have a better sales meeting and to improve their sales pitch. You can be the best at holding a meeting and giving a sales pitch – but if you are not taking into account who your audience is, (read on...)

Three Stages of a Failed Sales Pitch

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The best sales people perfect their sales pitch. They do this over time in order to build a system that works. Following the system during your sales pitch means you can apply it over and over to yield positive results. While certain products require complicated sales processes, some basic stages (read on...)

Marketing Against the Real Competition – Dealing With the Inconvenient Truth

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Al Gore and Upton Sinclair spotted it: we ignore those facts that make us uncomfortable. Gore’s compelling documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” left most of us nodding sagely and promising to do better by our planet. But we still leave the TV on standby and drive to the (read on...)

4 Ways to KNOW Your Customer: How Effective Planning Guarantees Higher Sales

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The sales industry is a tough one to crack and even tougher to stay at the top. To maintain your hold against your competitors it is important to stay fresh, learn new techniques and employ regular research and analysis. Without this you will stagnate and stand still. Many sales people become far (read on...)

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