Changing the Image of Sales

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Sales are one of the most tedious jobs within the business. A lot rides upon ones shoulders when performing this task, especially when you are commissioned. You not only have the responsibility of selling a product, but you also are presenting the image of the company as a whole, in whatever (read on...)

4 Simple Sales Tips, If You Hate Selling

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Let’s face it, sales is here to stay. Your success in business depends upon your ability to sell your product or service. So with that said, it’s high time you get an attitude adjustment about sales. “I hate selling!” or “I can’t stand salespeople!” If I (read on...)

Is It "Ok" to Be Average In Sales?

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It is the general belief that every sales person strives to be #1 in sales; to be the top sales person; to exceed their quotas and win those rewards for great performance. Recently the New York Times carried a piece on mediocre employees indicating that they were content in earning their paycheck (read on...)

How to Pitch Your Customers for Success

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It seems that everybody at one time or another has met someone who might be described as a “naturally born” salesperson. As human beings, we tend to stereotype people in our minds and label them as having an ability which is unique to that individual. But the reality about sales and (read on...)

7 Reasons Why Talking Heads Seldom Reach Their Sales Quotas

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In 1987 a TV series called “Max Headroom” broke onto the scene. It was a futuristic show about a network reporter who gets caught up in an experiment and becomes a computer-generated personality. The series only lasted one season (14 episodes), I think but it was fun to (read on...)

Stellar Products Sell Themselves, or Do They?

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My world is consultative selling and all my clients require a consultative sales approach. In other words, they sell something that you can’t take a picture of. Consultative selling is viewed as more challenging and demanding than selling a product, but even if you are in the lucky position (read on...)

Why The Salesperson Ought To Feel That They Are A Real Professional

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A trainer I know is continually asked by delegates on his sales training courses: “Just how important is it that I believe that I am a professional salesperson?” In answer to this question he replies that he thinks it truly is vital. Additionally, he would like to see even higher (read on...)

Sales and Delivery

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Any business regardless of size or industry must do two things effectively if it going to succeed – Sell and Deliver. Though delivery comes last in the sequence it is actually more important for the long term success of the business than sales is. Your sales people might be able to (read on...)

Story Telling and Sales – How It Can Help Growing Your Business

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Once upon a time… From a very early age on I was fascinated by fairy tales and stories. Story telling is essential in a consultative sales environment. Remember 1001 Nights? When I was a kid I loved the idea of people gathering in a tent or square and listening to stories. Still to this day (read on...)

When Prospecting, Listen to Your Prospects Rather Than Pitching Them

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When we sell in a consultative environment, listening is more important than talking. Yes, we need messaging and a pitch and we need to communicate with our prospects, but it’s how we do it that is essential to success. It is up to us sales people to raise the bar and be viewed as advisers (read on...)