7 Reasons Why Talking Heads Seldom Reach Their Sales Quotas

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In 1987 a TV series called “Max Headroom” broke onto the scene. It was a futuristic show about a network reporter who gets caught up in an experiment and becomes a computer-generated personality. The series only lasted one season (14 episodes), I think but it was fun to (read on...)

7 Lies Sales People Tell Themselves

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Do you lie to yourself? You may not think so but I suggest that you probably do. Here’s what I mean… #1: “I could reach my quota if my company lowered their prices.” If I had a nickel for every time I heard this… While price is a factor in every sale, it is seldom (read on...)

How to Be a Sales Winner

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Success is indeed a state of mind. Winning is a state of mind, and successful sales is a state of mind, a habit that can be cultivated through purposeful training, effective coaching and positive imaging. It’s just like a farmer does with his crops. Certainly obstacles will arise; the (read on...)

Stop Selling On Price!

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Time and again I see companies and salespeople desperately dropping price in a bid to boost sales, and though I’m sure this occasionally has merits in a B2C market, I have yet to be convinced that discounting is a sensible long term strategy in the B2B marketplace. In fact, and I know (read on...)

SportsCenter and the Sales Athlete

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I am a veteran salesman in the Office Cleaning and Facility Maintenance industry and a long-time sports fan. Office Cleaning sales and sports – two separate worlds? Hardly – the two are much closer than you may think. Take away SportsCenter, brightly lit stadiums, cheering crowds and (read on...)

A Summary of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill for Salespeople and Sales Managers

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Often named as the “most inspirational book ever written,”Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill remains a cornerstone of motivational thinking in goal-setting seminars and exercises around the world. The main premise of the book is the idea that thoughts aren’t just (read on...)

How You Measure Yourself Is How You Motivate Yourself

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One of the keys to strong positive mental attitude is what you compare your personal performance to. Do you compare your sales results to the top producer in your industry? Do you compare your basketball playing ability to Michael Jordan? Do you compare your last presentation to a speech (read on...)

Powerful Words in Sales Inspire Powerful Change

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“Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your life extraordinary.” Dead Poet’s Society These powerful words spoken by Robin Williams’ character in the 1980 movie inspired a group of students to reach for greatness and over thirty years later inspire over four million search (read on...)

Sales Managers – How to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated

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Keeping a sales team motivated is a challenge, even for the best sales managers. However, the shrewd use of incentives can help enormously. Here are three ways to keep your sales team motivated, through the proper use of incentives: Use incentives to reward proven best sales practices Proven (read on...)

Sales Managers – How to Push Your Employees to Make More Sales

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Most sales managers would rather have their sales force making more sales than they already are. There can be many reasons why salespeople are not doing so. Here are three important questions you may want to consider, so you can increase your sales numbers: Are the sales big-ticket, or (read on...)