Do You Know The Buyer’s "Should-Cost" Estimate?

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What the buyer expects your solution to cost has a major bearing on getting the sale. Yet most salespeople try to sell without actually knowing what the buyer’s ‘should-cost’ estimate is. That does not make sense. The reality is that most buyers don’t set about buying (read on...)

Contract Compliance For Sellers

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The Implications For Sellers Of Better Contract Management By Buyers We are all aware of the increased attention paid by buyers to the issue of benefits realisation and the drive to ensure that the promised savings and other benefits are actually delivered upon. This is something that greatly (read on...)

Sellers: Don’t Get Beaten-Up By Buyers!

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Have You Been Beaten-Up By A Buyer Recently? Almost every salesperson has had the experience of being beaten-up by a buyer (metaphorically speaking, of course!). Indeed, with the fundamental shift in the balance of power in favour of buyers, selling has become an increasingly bruising (read on...)

A Proactive Sales Plan

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Sales people have been taught to utilize new selling techniques and tactics. Tactics to help them have a better sales meeting and to improve their sales pitch. You can be the best at holding a meeting and giving a sales pitch – but if you are not taking into account who your audience is, (read on...)

Sales and Courtship: Making That Big Sale (or Winning Over the Woman/Man of Your Dreams)

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Although it’s a bit embarrassing to admit, there was once a time when I was a little nervous around members of the female persuasion. Over the years, though, I learned a few tricks to picking up attractive women, and it seems that there is actually quite a bit of overlap between making a (read on...)

Know You, Like You, Trust You, Buy You – The Secrets of Relationship Selling

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SALES IN THE NEW ECONOMY THE SALES MEETING: My dad Bob Hammond came to the Tri City Weekly Monday Sales meeting several years ago. I was really excited to see this expert address the craft of sales with my cohorts. He sat there and said these few words: “If you are in sales for the money, (read on...)

Running a Sales Meeting

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One of the most daunting daily tasks for many business professionals is attending and facilitating a meeting. Statistics show that 66% of meetings fail for two major reasons a lack of focus and lack of structure. Both issues derive from the lack of strategy. Meetings are tactical and as such (read on...)

Raising the Sales Bar

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Corporate Executives or the “C Suite” as they are casually termed, are a “sweet spot” in most industries. These potential clients typically have a high disposable income. However, they have no time for a sales pitch. There are hundreds of sales professionals to every one (read on...)

Six Tips To Present Your Visiting Card In A Professional Way

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Is there a preferred way of handing out a visiting card? What impression do you create in your customer’s mind while you hand over your visiting card? Read on to find the answers. Your objective in handing out your card: If you are making a sales visit, your objective is more than just (read on...)

First Sales Meetings: 3 Keys to Success

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I am not a good golfer, but I definitely play better when I try not to think about the many, many interdependent parts of a golf swing, and the hundreds of tips and techniques I have learned and read over the years. If I can bring myself to focus on just two things – in my case, 1. keeping (read on...)