How to Write Sales Letters That Make People Want to Buy From You

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The whole subject of sales letter writing can appear complex when you consider all of the ingredients needed to get amazing results. Now this may well be true, but we can break it down into something more simple if we just understand the most important elements of a powerful and effective sales (read on...)

5 Powerful Ways to Sell More to Your Customers by Email

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I love the whole idea of selling by email because it can get results so quickly and effectively. However, having done some research in this area, the most obvious and easily avoidable mistakes are sometimes made. This can be costly for the sales person and the business if the customer or (read on...)

High-Converting Sales Letters – What Internet Marketers Don’t Want You To Know

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When it comes to sales letters, everyone has some type of opinion, view and point to make on making them better, making the sales pour in and making them shine better than a newly pressed coin. Unfortunately for many businesses, marketing is not their particular forte – meaning (read on...)

The 3 Single Most Important Elements Of Any Sales Letter

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What is a sales letter? It is a simple website that generally appears to have one page, full of a lot of content that is trying to sell a product, membership, or service of some kind. They come in various shapes and sizes, some are custom coded in HTML, some use popular CMS systems and themes (read on...)

The Whirlwind Way to Wealth

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What a week and a half it’s been. Dallas last week for the Dan Kennedy Information Marketing Summit, back to Calgary on the weekend and 2 workshops I put on this week (Internet Marketing 101 and the Sales Letter Success Workshop). Time to breathe again! One of the big ah-hah moments I had (read on...)

Double Your Marketing Reach With Creative Re-Purpose That Takes Minutes a Day

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When you hear the word “re-purpose” what first comes to mind? Do you think of someone “copying and pasting” their sales letter and putting it online? Maybe you think of someone having an audio recording transcribed and then calling it an “ebook.” While the term (read on...)

A Four Step System for Writing Effective Copy and Ads

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A good ad grabs attention quickly. A functional ad uses features and benefits to sell with a unique combination of emotion and logic. Great ads have a strong call to order. An offer, or specific action. In fact the skill of writing a good “ad” also can be used for writing a brochure, (read on...)

How Your Junk Mail Can Make You Money

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We all get junk mail, and most of us throw it away without even opening it. If you’re in business and want to get more customers and easier sales then this junk mail can help you do it. But how can junk mail help you make money? Think about this junk mail and the businesses that send it (read on...)

5 Killer Sales Copy Tips That Will Make You More Money

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Even with the rise of social networking sites and instantaneous communications, content is still king on the internet, especially if you are running a web store. If you are selling services or products from your website you will need to write sales copy and this article is for you. Follow these (read on...)

How Ted Nicholas Wrote His Way To Millions

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There is no doubt that if you want to create a fantastic advertising campaign for your product or service, one of best methods is to copy the approach used by the most successful marketers. Ted Nicholas is one of the world’s top copywriters. His advertising strategies have helped to create (read on...)