A Lesson From The World’s Game

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The world’s game is the sport of soccer. The FIFA World Cup is held every four years. It’s actually a two year tournament and most recently included 204 countries. That is a lot of countries. I mean, I can only name maybe one hundred countries — and I’ve traveled to most (read on...)

Discipline in Sales?

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We all know that the top sports teams and business teams exhibit a high level of dedication and effort. Yet, as salespeople, we like our independence and want to be able to do things our way. How do we maintain the right balance- that encourages individuality and yet provides the predictability (read on...)

Latest Findings From the World of Sales Transformation

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I recently had the opportunity to MC and attend the Optimising the Sales Force Conference – OSF2010 which was the follow up to the inaugural OSF2009. Building on last year’s success, this year’s conference was attended by over 120 high level sales leaders across Australia. Once (read on...)

Selling – Only The Strong Survive!

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Everywhere we turn these days – whether its the media, our co-workers, financial specialists – there is a continual stream of bad news. Horrible economic forecasts, rising costs, unemployment, sales slumps. EXCUSES! EXCUSES! EXCUSES! Some people just love to make excuse after excuse (read on...)

Friction-Free Buying – How to Minimize Resistance in the Selling-Buying Process

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In physics, friction slows movement. You want your race car and pit crew to be well-oiled machines. In the buying process, uncertainty, unclear objectives and different needs slow the process down. The job of the sales function is to remove unnecessary friction/ resistance between buyer and (read on...)

Create Your "Ideal" Sales Force Blueprint

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Now is the time to rethink your sales strategy and your sales force. Design the sales force your business needs and get great results. Tip: It’s all in the thinking and planning that happens before the execution. To help you start your thinking and planning here are two case studies from (read on...)

How Are You Increasing Customer Loyalty During Challenging Times?

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Challenging economic times can test the quality of a customer relationship faster than any other situation. It is vital that during these uncertain circumstances that you put your creative hat on and find unique ways to be of service to your existing customers or I’ll guarantee that you (read on...)

Are You Cultivating Your Acres of Diamonds?

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One of the classics of self-help literature was written years ago by Russell Conwell shares a simple yet profound truth, that what you are searching for in life may be right in your back yard but to find it you have to stop looking everywhere else and focus on where you are. This parable has sold (read on...)

What’s Driving You, Your Circumstances Or Your Values?

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Behavior is a function of many factors; goals, beliefs, integrity, attitudes, values, expectations, circumstances, experience, knowledge just to mention a few of the dominant ones. Sooner or later everyone who sells will come face to face with any number of these driving forces as they must make (read on...)

How’s Your Giving Up Quotient?

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One of my late heroes Charlie “Tremendous” Jones was fond of saying, “I didn’t want to quit, I just wanted to want to quit.” Read it again. There is a difference between quitting, wanting to quit and wanting to want to quit but not quitting! I have a sign over my (read on...)