Five Mindsets That Sabotage Your Sales Result

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If you have been selling for more than a few months I’m sure you have made a few mistakes and lost business as a result. I could go on for pages about all of the common sales mistakes that are made every day by well meaning salespeople. In general most of these common mistakes fall into (read on...)

Why Your Sales Cycle Is So Long (Hint: It’s Not About Your Solution)

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Do you know why it takes so long for a buyer to buy? If the buyer knows they have a need, and they like you and your solution, shouldn’t it be easy? Yes. It is easy. But not with the sales model alone. THE JOB OF THE SALES MODEL: LIMITING THE PURCHASE CHOICE AND BUYING DECISIONS The sales (read on...)

Sales Coaching Tips to Minimize Distractions and Increase Sales Results

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As a sales professional, sales leader or business owner, distractions can often be the main obstacle for achieving great success. If you have too many distractions, you will never achieve your full potential. It is important to continue to evaluate what sales activities will be most important to (read on...)