7 Proven Strategies That Will Drastically Improve Your Sales Conversion Rates

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One of the fastest ways to generate more business is to improve your conversion rate. Even if you are at a 90% conversion rate, you can still improve. What I have found is that most companies operate at about a 15 to 20% conversion rate. To find out what your conversion rate is, I suggest (read on...)

Sales Conversion Rates

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Why don’t people buy? The ‘Institute of Sales and Marketing’ of which I am a fellow, states that the number one reason is – The fear of making a mistake. And the larger the sale, the bigger the fear! So the next questions is – how can you reduce the fear of buying (read on...)

12 Tips to Impact Sales Conversion Rates on Your Small Business Website

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You must paint a mental word picture for your readers or your face to face prospects IF you want to succeed in closing the sale. They KNOW they need it, but you must MAKE them want it NOW! Use of the psychology of emotions in advertising will give you a hidden sales advantage that most people (read on...)